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Revitalize Yourself with Organic Authority's 2014 New You Goodie Box!

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Organic Authority's New Year 2014 Goodie Box

Kickstart your New Year with Organic Authority's second annual exclusive shopping event: the New You Goodie Box. Curated by Editor-in-Chief, Laura Klein, and filled with 25 products from 19 different brands, this is your all-in-one treasure trove of revitalizing goodies.

Snag rejuvenating wellness+weight loss, non-toxic beauty, eco-luxe wardrobe, green home, and specialty food+cooking treats.

We have only 50 Goodie Boxes available, each filled with $428+ worth of products for the pampering sale price of just $129.00 + free shipping! That's a 70% discount!

Sold Out!

Beginning Monday, January 27th, we will reveal six to seven brands per day. The Goodie Box goes on sale Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 8am Pacific Time. Set your timers and reminders because these will go quick. Buy one, two or three, for yourself and all your special someones! This offer is only available to the first 50 buyers. Check back daily to see what the big reveals are. Read on to discover today's products.

PUR attitude

PUR attitude's Fountain of Youth Serum
Tap your own fountain of youth with PUR attitude's Fountain of Youth serum. According to PUR attitude founder David Pollock, this like-magic potion visibly "turns back the hands of time" by delivering very specific vital ingredients to the skin naturally." Fountain of Youth has been shown to:

  • Increase in skin oxygenation by 754%
  • Increase in skin hydration y 90%
  • Visibly reduce wrinkles up to 56%
  • Increase cell renewal by up to 85%
  • Boost collagen & firm skin up to 128%

Each product in the PUR attitude line is dermatologist-tested and approved, backed by independent clinical studies, and follows Founder David Pollock’s brand philosophy of “Safe Beauty,” by avoiding harsh chemicals, parabens, PEG’s, glycols, sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes.

Value: $90

Garden of Life Raw Fit Protein Marley Coffee Bottle

Garden of Life's Marley Coffee Flavored RAW Fit™ 
Garden of Life's tagline for this product says it all: "High Protein for Weight Loss." Marley Coffee Flavored RAW Fit contains RAW, organic and clinically-studied ingredients to help burn fat, maintain healthy blood sugar, boost energy, lose weight and look like a New You! RAW Fit is a USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Verified RAW plant-based vegan high-protein powder that makes it easy to increase your protein intake--with the subtle flavor of organic Marley Coffee. Contains 28g of RAW certified organic plant protein—a complete protein made from 13 different organic sprouts with a Biological Value of 98.2%! Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract, RAW Food Created Chromium, organic cinnamon, and organic sprouted grains support healthy blood sugar levels and natural fat-burning. RAW Organic Ashwagandha helps regulate cortisol levels (the "stress hormone") and manage stress-related cravings. Great for post-workouts to build lean muscle mass, help repair and sustain. Promotes healthy and comfortable digestion and elimination with live probiotics and enzymes. Available at Whole Foods.

Value: $41.15

Delicious Probiotic Drinks by Julia Mueller

"Delicious Probiotic Drinks: 75 Recipes for Kombucha, Kefir, Ginger Beer, and Other Naturally Fermented Drinks" by Julia Mueller
Nothing recalibrates your health and immune system like probiotics--and Julia Mueller shows us how delicious and creative it can be to get probiotics into our diets and bodies! Probiotics, also known as "friendly" bacteria, inhabit our digestive tracts, form the basis of our immune systems, and are responsible for regulating countless bodily functions. Doctors from both the Western and Eastern medicine camps sing the praises of probiotics for their positive effects on digestion, metabolism, and the immune system. In "Delicious Probiotic Drinks", Mueller helps us discover what home brewing is; the health benefits of probiotics and various herbs, fruits, vegetables, and teas; and how to get started making our own delicious probiotic drinks. Fermenting drinks may seem daunting, but Mueller shows us just how fun and tasty it can be--not to mention much more cost-effective than buying ready-made drinks from the store.

Value: $16.95

Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil

Balanced Guru's No Frizz Organic Sesame & Lemongrass Balancing Oil
Get ready for good hair days every day (gasp!). Balanced Guru’s No Frizz Certified Organic Sesame and Lemongrass Balancing Oil balances frizzy hair without the need to weigh it down with silicones. Say bye-bye to fly-aways and gain instant control with a special blend of sesame, grapeseed, jojoba and tamanu oils that add incredible shine and manageability with each use. Even in humid tropical weather, you'll show your hair who's boss. Balanced Guru is committed to crafting the finest certified organic selection, carefully formulated based on ancient Eastern wisdom and modern scientific research. Balanced Guru consciously and passionately promotes well-being for all, everywhere on the planet, by weighing the impact of the ingredients, packaging materials, and processes to give back to the community. Every Balanced Guru formulation is 100% biodegradable, free of chemicals and toxins, safe for our bodies, and safe for our planet. 1 fl oz.

Value: $25

New Chapter Tumericforce

New Chapter's Tumericforce
New Chapter "gets" herbs, so you can get healthy--stat. Many companies isolate elements from an herb, concentrate them, and label these elements the “whole herb.” In contrast, New Chapter delivers the wisdom of whole foods. Using only the finest and purest whole herbs, many organic, along with natural supercritical CO2, or traditional extraction techniques, New Chapter's Force extracts guarantee the fullest spectrum of beneficial phytonutrients in their natural profile. Tumeric has been touted as the world's premier herb, and is one of the most studied botanicals in modern science, shown to help maintain a healthy inflammation response, and support cardio and liver health. The full spectrum of beneficial compounds found in Turmeric Force® is delivered using New Chapter's supercritical extraction, whole-food approach to herbal supplementation. This full-spectrum process extracts precious plant compounds to preserve Nature’s full complexity, delivering super-pure, super-potent Turmeric extract. Available at Whole Foods. 30-count softgel.

Value: $24.95

Numi Organic Tea Pu-erh Tea

Numi Organic Tea's Numi Chocolate Pu-erh and Numi Pu-erh Mini Sampler
Across time, tea has been revered as the elixir of health. Numi Organic Tea's Organic Pu-erh is sourced from old-growth, wild tea trees in the Yunnan Province of China, said to give forth “chi,” or life energy. Akin to green or white, Pu-erh is its own category of tea. Richer than black tea, luxuriously smooth and malty, Pu-erh provides a natural boost of sustained energy, focus and clarity. With a rich velvety, chocolate aroma, Numi’s Chocolate Pu-erh is an enticing blend of deep, dark Pu-erh and organic cocoa nibs. Whole vanilla beans and sweet accents of orange peel enhance this blend along with nutmeg and cinnamon, rounding off a spicy finish. Numi Organic Tea was the first to offer a full range of these remarkable teas in the U.S., all included in Numi’s Pu-erh Mini Sampler: Emperor's, Jasmine, Basil Mint, Cardamom, Ginger, and Chocolate.
Value (Numi Chocolate Pu-erh): $8.99
Value (Numi Pu-erh Mini Sampler): $3.99

Total value: $12.98

Thieves Boutique

Thieves Boutique's $20 Gift Certificate 
A New You deserves a new eco-luxe wardrobe. Enter: Thieves Boutique, an earth-friendly lifestyle online boutique featuring sustainable contemporary clothing for men and women, including locally-made Thieves, Zen Nomad (a sustainable yoga lifestyle collection), accessories from local and fair trade designers, as well as natural lotions, oils and lip balms. Thieves is committed to using sustainable fabrics and local production. Recently, Thieves launched the versatile METAmorph dress, made from organic bamboo processed in a closed loop cycle, and wearable in over 24 different ways, with 2% of dress proceeds going to select charities that align with Thieves' vision of a sustainable future.

Value: $20

I Married Me

I Married Me $25 Gift Card
Transforming into a New You requires a true commitment to yourself--a self-marriage! I Married Me’s Self-Wedding In-A-Box has all you need to create your own self-wedding ceremony, including a handcrafted ring by jewelry designer Jeffrey Levin, ceremony preparation, vows and daily affirmation cards. According to I Married Me, a self-wedding is a symbolic ceremony, all about reconnecting and staying connected to you. You can be single or in a relationship. You can already be married. Simply wear the ring for a daily reminder to love yourself. The kit encourages awareness of micro-moments of positivity that work to cumulatively create an upward spiral. Affirmations can further enhance positive mental states. A daily practice helps you focus on the good and give you resources when life is tough. Because you're reason to celebrate. Because life is short. Let's focus on what matters. A roadmap to positivity, the kit is printed on FSC certified paper, with an FSC certified printer, and the ring is made from the highest recycled precious metal content possible.


Chuao Chocolatier

Chuao Chocolatier's Triple Nut Temptation and Spicy Maya Bars
Even if you're becoming a new version of yourself that doesn't mean you have to leave chocolate behind--never! The founders of Chuao Chocolatier say they are on a mission to spread joy to the world--and they’re lucky enough to do it through chocolate. An internationally award-winning chocolatier, Chuao was founded in San Diego in 2002 by Chef Michael Antonorsi and his brother Richard. Chuao is known for creative, culinary driven flavors and delicious chocolatier experiences that arouse the senses.

The Triple Nut Temptation bar features luscious dark chocolate, studded with crunchy whole roasted almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios--pure bliss for those nuts about nuts. The Spicy Maya bar is a velvety dark chocolate, infused with warm cinnamon, finished with hints of cayenne pepper and pasilla chile, and with just enough heat to melt your heart--the perfect mix of sweet and seductive. Both bars are dairy-free and gluten-free. Like all Chuao Chocolatier’s chocolates, they're handcrafted with the brand's premium blend of ethically-sourced cacao, and all-natural ingredients.

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From the Organic Authority Files

SPECIAL FOR ALL ORGANIC AUTHORITY READERS: get 20% off your order when you shop at and enter code ORGANICAUTHORITY at the checkout. Not valid on shipping or with any other discount, code or promotion. Expires 3/15/14.
Value: $6/bar

Total value: $12

Camille Rose Naturals

Camille Rose Naturals' Honey and Peppermint Shampoo & Ginger Spice Whipped Body Crème 
Pamper your hair the eco-luxe way at every stage of the styling process with Camille Rose Naturals. The line's Honey and Peppermint Shampoo is a unique blend of botanical oils, peppermint extracts and honey, blended together to leave hair healthy, shiny, and manageable. The honey humectants will help restore the scalp’s natural moisture balance while soothing irritations. After your bath, lavish your body with Camille Rose Naturals' Ginger Spice Whipped Body Crème. Made using unrefined shea butter nibs, coconut kernels, aloe vera, distilled water, rosemary, lavender extracts and LOVE, this luxurious treat will keep skin glowing all day long.
Value: $12 each

Total value: $24

Image placeholder title

365 Everyday Value's Effervescent Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix (2 Boxes: Orange & Tangerine Flavors)
New from Whole Foods Market, comes a delicious fizzy drink mix with 1000mg of vitamin C, 24 nutrients with 7 B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. This fizz will rev up your health regimen--morning, noon or night--without popping your budget-bubble. Makes a great alternative to soda! Available in 3 flavors: Orange, Raspberry, and Tangerine. Included in Goodie Box: Orange and Tangerine. 30 individual stick packs in each box. Available at Whole Foods.
Value: $7.99/box

Total value (2 boxes): $15.98

Image placeholder title

Sharkies' Energy Chews (7 Pouches)
Get active with the help of Sharkies Energy Chews! Sharkies was created in 2003 by a triathlete looking for an organic food that would quickly deliver energy and fuel the body to meet the physical demands of endurance sports. Sharkies organic energy and fruit chews provide naturally-occurring electrolytes, and truly clean fuel for active lifestyles. Contains USDA organic and non-GMO ingredients. No high-fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, or artificial flavors. Kosher & Vegan. Made in the USA. Allergy-friendly. Gluten-free. Soy-free. Wheat-free. Dairy-free. Tree-nut free. Egg-free. 3 Watermelon flavor + 4 Mixed Berry pouches in each Goodie Box.
Value: 1.59/pouch

Total value (7 pouches): $11.13

Paperless Kitchen SKOY Cleaning Cloths

Paperless Kitchen's SKOY Cleaning Cloths
Extend your New You-ness to your kitchen with Paperless Kitchen's SKOY biodegradable cloths. Ditch paper-towels in favor of this absorbent, eco-friendly alternative. Paperless Kitchen's SKOY cloth multi-packs enable you to clean everything without reaching for a single paper towel. Instead of wood pulp that comes from trees and contributes to deforestation, SKOY cloths are made of cellulose derived from sustainable plants. Each cloth features an attractive design printed with water-based inks that are toxin-free, and planet-friendly. SKOY is 100 percent biodegradable, and packs the cleaning-power of 15 rolls of paper towels into one green design. The SKOY Cloths Kitchen Set includes 8 cloths that can be used for everything from soaking up spills to cleaning counter-tops and appliances to assisting with food preparation.

Value: $15

Heat Holders

Heat Holders' Thermal Socks
Brave winter the cozy way that helps you save energy and lower heating bills. Heat Holders Thermal Socks are arguably the warmest thermal socks in the world. Heat Holders are seven times warmer than regular cotton socks, and are designed to keep toes toasty no matter what the weather brings. The socks' unique long-looped thermal pile, soft-brushed inner and advanced insulating yarn are all designed to ensure your feet stay warm and comfortable. The line features a variety of styles and colors, making Heat Holders perfect for the entire family, and guaranteeing chilly weather won't cramp your style.

Value: $19.99.


SeaSnax's Single Full Sheet Packs (4 packs: Classic Olive, Toasty Onion, Spicy Chipotle, Wasabi)
Kick your snack routine up a notch--or ten--with SeaSnax. Made using 100% olive oil and just a pinch of sea salt, this roasted seaweed snack is made from the nutrient-rich "vegetable of the sea." All-natural, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, SeaSnax is a low-calorie healthy alternative to chips, and perfect complement to sandwiches, soups, salads, and anywhere your taste buds take you! Loved by adults and kids alike, SeaSnax is a family business, founded by moms and dads whose kids eat seaweed like candy. Sourced from only the highest-quality and best-tasting Korean seaweed, SeaSnax is vegan, gluten-free and Non-GMO Project verified. Discover why people always say SeaSnax is strangely addictive! Goodie Box includes one of all four flavors: Classic Olive, Toasty Onion, Spicy Chipotle, Wasabi. Available at Whole Foods.
Value: $3.99/pack

Total value: $15.96

Flamous Brands

Flamous Brands' Falafel Chips and Zatar Chips
Get your snack-crunch on with Flamous Brands, creator of the world’s first Falafel Chips™ and new Sprouted Multigrain Zatar Chips™. These tasty, healthy snacks are 100% USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, certified gluten-free, certified vegan, and kosher. Inspired by the classic Mediterranean seasoned vegetarian patty, rich in protein and fiber, Falafel Chips™ are made with more than 21 different vegetables, herbs, spices and legumes, delivering the same delicious and authentic flavor as traditional falafel, and known as “The Chip for Hummus Dip!™ The new Sprouted Multigrain Zatar Chips™ are inspired by a Mediterranean spice blend that delivers an abundance of flavor with every bite. Made with a sprouted multigrain mixture of brown flax, buckwheat, and brown rice, these chips are loaded with micronutrients and rich in antioxidants. See why Flamous is "Famous for Flavor." Available at Whole Foods.
Value: $4.99/bag

Total value: $9.98

Outer Spice

Outer Spice's Original Low-Salt & Spicy No Salt (2 jars)
Spice up your meals with Outer Spice. Consisting of four highly versatile low-salt and no-salt seasoning solutions, made from a unique blend of the finest quality ingredients, Outer Spice modernizes the spice industry. Each herb and spice is hand-sourced from around the world, finely-ground by a family-owned artisan spice company in Austin, and packaged the same day to ensure freshness and quality. Each blend is all-natural, gluten-free, rich in antioxidants, and contains no MSG or preservatives. Perfect as both an ingredient in every dish, and a tableside condiment on every dining table. Outer Spice’s mouthwatering blends are ideal for rubs, marinades, sauces, dips, glazes, soups and dressings or to eat on its own.
Value: $6.99/jar

Total value: $13.98

Moody Sisters Skincare

Moody Sisters Skincare's Coffee Body Polish, Lip Balm & Tinted Lip Balm
Exfoliate the old away with Moody Sisters Skincare's Coffee Body Polish. Moody Sisters Skincare thinks every woman's body is beautiful whether she's cut from stone like an Egyptian statue, or has curves surrounding that inner statue. The brand inspires you to treat your body like a sculpture--a work of art!-- by polishing it weekly with its luxurious Coffee Body Polish. Coffee-infused oil and select essential oils reduce the appearance of cellulite, while coarse Demerara sugar leave you soft and silky. A sumptuous, exfoliating treat for your body. 1 oz jar. Of course, don't forget to pamper your lips, too! Protect and indulge them with Moody Sisters Skincare's Lip Balm and Tinted Lip Balm, made from a blend of silky shea butter and yummy essential oils. 100% natural and safe for little ones. Moody Sisters Skincare's entire line is handcrafted in small batches to make the freshest natural products, safe for the whole family.
Value (Lip Balm Tube): $4.95
Value (Tinted Lip Balm): $6.95
Value (Coffee Body Polish): $7.50

Total value: $19.40

B&N Laundry

B&N Laundry's Goat Milk Soap Laundry Detergent Trio Pack
Care for your new threads in your new wardrobe the gentle non-toxic eco-friendly way. B&N's Goat Milk Soap Laundry Detergent is gentle on skin and clothes, but powerful enough to get the job done. Enjoy all three scents of B&N Laundry's chemical and dye-free Goat Milk Laundry Detergent in its Trio Pack: Lemon, Lavender and Eucalyptus. A great value: washes up to 60 wash loads!

Value: $15

Total value of the Organic Authority 2014 New You Goodie Box$428.45

Sale Price: $129.00 + free shipping! That's a 70% discount!

Sold Out!

Remember, we only have 50 of these boxes! Offer good anywhere in the continental U.S. International shipping is not available at this time. Buy, one, two, or three boxes! Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. All sales are final. Due to the nature of this exclusive one-time sale, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. Any inquiries or concerns regarding purchased Goodie Boxes must be submitted via Customer Service within 30 days from date of purchase. 

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