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What's on Your Summer Bucket List? 7 Fun Summer Goals

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Goal setting and summertime don’t necessarily go together; the warm season can be a perfect time to rest, relax, recreate and throw the daily to-do list into the fan. But goals don’t have to be about career achievement, home organization or improving your diet – how about a summer bucket list that includes ice cream, roller coasters and street fairs?

Get your summer bucket list going and set these fun summer goals and come September, you’ll remember a carefree season of creative playtime and new experiences.

Your Summer Bucket list:

1. Try a new ice cream flavor (or five). While no one can challenge the deliciousness of rocky road, chocolate mint chip or butter pecan, there’s a whole new world of exciting ice cream flavors to try. Have you heard of tiramisu ice cream, beer ice cream, green tea ice cream or blue cheese ice cream? It is your duty this summer to expand your flavor palate and discover new taste horizons. Choose a cone, cup or popsicle and savor your ice cream with the sun on your face

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2. Explore a new local park. You might think you’ve seen or done it all in your hometown, but there’s probably a local park that you’ve never really explored. Find unknown territory and discover new lands. Make a whole day of it and relax on the grass with a picnic basket, a book of poetry, a bottle of wine, the dog or the kids.

3. Do something that terrifies you. When was the last time you felt your heart rise up in your chest as you tried to suppress a scream of half horror, half delight? Fear is a powerful experience that makes you feel alive; indulge in this exciting emotion by riding the tallest roller coaster you can find, signing up for surf lessons or trying your luck at open-mic night with stand-up comedy.

4. Find a quiet place and stargaze. Look up! The sky is filled with sparkling gems of light, and each speck is a reminder of our tiny problems and finite nature. Whether in your back yard, at local beach or next to a crackling fire at a far-flung campsite in the woods, find a peaceful location to lie on the cool earth and gaze up in solemn wonder at the stars.

5. Reclaim a childhood pastime. What did you love to do as a child? Did you spend hours coloring pictures with bright crayons, building play forts out of couch pillows, riding your bike to the snow cone stand or swimming in the lake? Recall your happiest summer moments from childhood and try to recreate similar experiences to your favorite memories – and be sure not to take yourself too seriously!

6. Go to a festival or fair. From food festivals and music events to block parties and local street fairs, summer is the season for outdoor fun in the sun. Check your town’s listings for summer festivals and be the ringleader who gathers your friends together and instigates a day of festival action.

7. Decide on your next vacation. Whether you want to travel to Timbuktu on an adventure tour, take the family to Florida or just escape to a local hotel for staycation retreat, planning a future trip can be awesome motivation for saving, working and making it through dull and dreary days. Make your decision and then take the first step towards turning your dream into reality: start a dedicated savings account, buy a travel guidebook or post up pictures of your upcoming destination above your desk.

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