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WTH is Honey Water? And Should it Be Your New Bev of Choice?

Why Honey Water Should Be Your Beverage of Choice

It’s sweet, delicious, healthy, and made by those hard working honey bees we love. Should you be drinking honey water daily?

You read about so many health foods it can be difficult to make room for all them. This is one you may want to incorporate into your diet ASAP.

Drinking honey water is said to improve digestion, ward off colds, satiate your sweet tooth, and lots of other science-backed advantages.

Benefits of Drinking Honey Water

Let’s start off with the least considered, and possibly most exciting, touted benefit of drinking honey water. An aid in losing weight. Yep, you read that right. Some believe that drinking honey water can actually help to shed pounds because it satisfies our sweet tooth. The idea is, if you have the honey, you will be less likely to consumer more sugary treats. If, however, you are amongst those of us who experience the snow ball effect upon consuming sugar, you may want to avoid drinking honey water as a cookie substitute.

Even if you aren’t looking to lose pounds, drinking honey water may be able to help you get your beach bod. Honey helps to regulate digestion and quell bloating. A cup a day may keep the swelling away.

Speaking of swelling…honey is a known anti-inflammatory. And since we know aging and disease are linked to inflammation, this makes a cup of honey water a healthy choice. Another healthful bonus – honey is full of antioxidants which also help to ward off premature aging and health issues. These properties can also be helpful in warding off colds and flu.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Honey water may even be a beauty treatment. Honey is antibacterial and thought to boost collagen. Here’s to a healthy glow!

Now that you can hardly wait to start chugging honey water, let’s take a look at how this is best done. Pour yourself a cup of warm water and stir in one to two tablespoons of high quality honey, and enjoy. Try having a cup each morning before consuming your first cup of coffee or tea.

What do you think? Will you become a honey drinker?

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