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From Our Friends: April 29, 2011

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We hope everyone is enjoying their spring break! Each week we spend countless hours creating and delivering articles to you that we think will educate and entertain you. Through these seven days we have the pleasure of reading some truly great articles from our friends around the web. These are our favorites from this week! Enjoy them, and have a great weekend.

1. Summer is upon us! Plan an eco-friendly trip to Spain with Traveling Greener!

2. This is amazing, but also very sad: Grist has a video of a bird mimicing a chainsaw, therefore recording the sound of its habitat's destruction.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. According to Tonic, Jenny McCarthy Wants to Educate You on Autism - and have you stride in style.

4. Experience Life has all the info you need to know about tempeh!

5. BlissTree is making a statement: The Diet Is Dead & Multivitamins Will Kill You Sooner.

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