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A Rose Colored Garden: 10 Different Types of Roses to Grow

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Roses are the ultimate symbol of love and beauty. They have been cultivated in gardens around the world for millennia, and it is believed that roses first inspired people to develop the language of color. It’s no wonder that roses have become and remained one of the most popular flowers in gardens of all sorts as their plethora of colors and scents make them one of the most alluring and classic members of the plant kingdom. Learn about different types of roses, from culinary to perfumed and bouquet showstoppers, with our short guide on growing different types of roses!

1. Austin Rose
This fragrant and voluptuous bush rose produces the most beautiful, old-fashioned blossoms. Austin roses like full sun and grow to about 4 feet in height. They are very vigorous and disease resistant, so do well in most gardens and environments. This variety can also be used for culinary purposes such as tea water or cake decoration.

2. Climbing Rose
This gorgeous variety of wild rose develops long canes that love training themselves onto trellises, fences, arbors and gazebos. Plant your climbing rose in full sun or part sun with enough space to grown 6 to 10 feet tall. Most climbing rose varieties develops large, fragrant, single flowers or smaller, clustered blossoms. Depending on variety, climbing roses bloom continually or once per season, with more blooms if the canes are trained horizontally.

3. Damask Rose
The origin of these exceptionally fragrant roses can be traced back to Asia Minor, where they were (and still are) cultivated for the production of rose oil. Plant this variety in full or partial sun and fertile soil, allowing for 3 to 4 feet of upward growth space. The vivid white and pink blossoms of the Damask rose appear once or twice per season, depending on the climate.

4. English Rose
English roses are considered the most romantic and lush of the fragrant roses, with their densely arranged petals and heavenly aroma. Hardy and vigorous growers, English roses like full or partial sun and can be trained along a trellis or fence. These roses grow to be about 2 feet tall and make wonderful additions to sumptuous bouquets.

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5. Floribunda Rose
This rose variety offers an impressive amount of blossoms on every branch, which are often fragrant. Cultivated in a variety of sizes, Floribunda roses can grow from 2 to 6 feet tall, producing gorgeous clusters of blossoms all summer long. These hardy shrubs are very disease resistant, but do prefer to be planted in full sun.

6. Groundcover Rose
This multi-purpose rose variety is the perfect filler for borders and bare earth that is prone to unwanted weeds. Since Groundcover roses do well in full or partial sun and only grow less than 2 feet tall, they can be planted under trees, in between perennials in flower gardens, along paths or even in hanging baskets or windowsill planters for a beautiful spillover effect.

7. Mini Rose
These tiny, quaint roses are ideal for small spaces and container gardens, or as low hedges and flowerbed borders in larger gardens. Actually the result of an accidental rose hybridization, the jewel-toned mini roses produce perfect blossoms that generally stay under 2 feet tall. This variety loves full sun and rich soil, but can take colder climates.

8. Shrub Rose
Considered the hardiest of rose species, shrub roses can take on many colors, blossom types, shapes and fragrances. Some shrub roses grow tall and need trellising, while others remain compact and short. This variety of roses is ideal for landscaping with minimal maintenance required, but make sure to plant them in full sun for best results.

9. Species Rose
Species roses are often heirloom varieties that produce small blossoms once per season, but are extremely hardy and weather resistant. Perfect for borders and background plantings or privacy hedges, species roses also attract wildlife such as birds with the fragrant blossoms and colorful hips. Plant this variety in full or part sun where it can freely grow up to 20 feet tall.

10. Tea Rose
Tea roses are essentially hybridized roses that have been bred to produce the most tantalizing and colorful blossoms. Most of the roses found at a florist shop are hybrid tea varieties, with one flower on a tall, upright stem and sparse foliage at the base. When planted in the garden this rose variety prefers full sun and fertile soil, growing about 4 to 6 feet tall. Plenty of air circulation around the entire plant and organic fertilization will guarantee gorgeous roses for bouquets and drying. 

Image: Myrtle Glen Farm

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