10 Hand-Printed Textile Home Accessories and DIY Projects: Gorgeous, Functional and Eco-Friendly

Hand printed home accessories.

One way to add color and pattern to your home is with hand-printed textiles and home accessories, including cloth napkins, pillows, curtains, hand towels, bedspreads, wall art and more. It’s a great way to add some visual interest without adding a big budget or undertaking huge projects. In addition, adding printed home accessories is a great solution for renters who oftentimes can’t add color or pattern via paint or wallpaper.

Whether you want to purchase hand-printed textile home accessories from an independent artisan or make your own, there are some great eco-friendly choices out there. Here is a roundup of some stunning and clever hand printed home accessories to add to your home.

Artisan Made Printed Home Accessories

Hand printed home accessories.

1. Hand-Printed Linen Twig Placemats – Add natural elegance to your next dinner party.

Hand printed home accessories.

2. Hand-Printed Fabric – Turn this stunning hand printed fabric into a pillow, table runner or wall art.

Hand printed home accessories.

3. Hand-Printed Curtains – Add pattern to your windows with these gorgeous curtain panels.

Hand printed home accessories.

4. Hand-Printed Cloth Napkins – Made from 100% natural linen, these cloth napkins feature a handprinted abstract design in four colors.

Hand printed home accessories.

5. Hand-Printed Tea Towel – This clever and cute tea towel features an illustration of all the necessary accoutrement for making tea.

DIY Your Own Printed Home Accessories

6. Heart Printed Blanket – This project utilizes hand stamping to create a blanket. Pretty much all that’s needed is paint, cardboard and cork. Cut out your own shapes and patterns or look for templates online.
7. “Cross Stitch” Pattern Printed Tablecloth – Create your own printed design to look like cross stitch simply by using a clear polycarbonate sheet and gluing squares of hard foam to create your pattern. Then simply roll-on your paint and stamp the design to your tablecloth.
8. Printed Filigree Rug – This clever project utilizes an old filigree rubber welcome mat to create a stunning antique-looking wool rug from an on old IKEA rug.
9. Batik Printed Napkins – Batik is a type of relief printing and it can be used to create all sorts of pretty home accessories. Use it to make your own batik cloth napkins.
10. Sun-Printed Pillows – Create designs with cyanotype fabric and botanical cuttings. You can create pillows for each season!

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