13 Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Time to Spoil Dad!

father's day gifts

The time has come to think of the best way to say “thanks!” for everything Dad does all year long. Choosing a Father’s Day gift can be tough, but we’re well past the years of a new necktie. This year, think about what Dad really wants, with these 13 cool Father’s Day gift ideas.

On this list, you’ll find something for every dad and every budget. Whether you’ve got a food-loving dad who’s never seen away from his grill, a wine-loving dad who loves a new Pinot, a dad who loves to garden and harvest new home-grown food, or a dad whose favorite sanctuary is off in the woods or by the lake, we’ve got you covered!

Gifts for BBQ Lovers

Is your Dad a grill master? From June to August, are you likely to find him tinkering with the barbecue? Then you’ve come to the right place!

1. The Group Gift: A Weber Gas Grill

What Dad doesn’t love grilling? While gas and charcoal grills both have effects on the environment, remember that gas grills are the better choice. This Weber gas grill has a 22 hamburger capacity — perfect for cookouts with all of Dad’s friends and family. For those Dad’s who like the sleek stainless steel look, try Weber’s natural gas grill.

2. The Gift for the Dad Who Has Everything: Mini Outdoor Pizza Grill

While grilling pizzas is tons of fun, it can take up quite a bit of space on the grill, space you might want to devote to our blue cheese cabernet hamburgers, vegetarian hot dogs or even these tasty grilled artichokes. This outdoor pizza grill is the perfect choice for the multi-tasking Dad. It allows Dad to cook a pizza outdoors at the same time as he’s manning the grill, for a myriad of choices at your next cookout.

3. The Individual Gift: Stainless Steel Grill Set

If you’re looking for a great gift that won’t break the bank, we love this stainless steel grill set. Each tool has a convenient ring for hanging and a long handle to make sure Dad won’t get burned.

Gifts for Wine Lovers

If your Dad spends most of his summer tasting new cabernets and chardonnays, then this is the right spot to track down the perfect Father’s Day gift.

4. The Gift for a Wine Geek: A Subscription to the Feiring Line

Is your Dad the wine-o who knows everything? Always researching new varietals and vineyards? Then he’ll likely love learning more about an underexposed style — natural wine. Alice Feiring is an American expert on this style that, for now, seems mainly limited to France. With her newsletter, the Feiring Line, Dad will quickly learn all about natural wine, from what it is to how to buy it.

5. The Gift for the Antiques Lover: Pewter Wine Opener

Is your dad’s man cave filled with antique and old-fashioned gadgets? Add this one to the mix! This beautiful pewter wine opener is a definite conversation piece that will have all of Dad’s friends talking… and maybe a bit envious.

6. The Gift from a Distance: Tool Box Winery Gift Pack

Just couldn’t get away from work to help Dad celebrate? Let him know you’re still thinking of him with this Tool Box Winery gift pack. The wooden wine barrel contains two bottles, one red and one white, as well as all sorts of snacks, including Godiva chocolates, dips and cheeses.

Gifts for a Gardener

If your dad is often seen puttering around the vegetable patch, looking for new gardening ideas and cooking up his home-grown produce, then these are the perfect gifts to give!

7. Gift for a Tomato Fiend: Set of Three Tomato Ladders

Growing the perfect tomato is every summer gardener’s dream; give Dad the tools he needs with this set of tomato ladders. Available in green or red, these ladders can each hold over 100 pounds of harvest more efficiently than simple stakes. The result makes the most of garden space, reduces pests, and looks great to boot! Dad will be serving up his summer tomato recipes in no time.

8. Gift for a Music Fan: Indoor-Outdoor Radio

If your dad loves rocking out while he’s weeding, he’ll love this indoor-outdoor radio. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to see whether playing music for plants helps them grow even stronger!

9. Gift for the Techie Dad: Gardening Apps

While some Dads like to garden the old-school way, new gardening apps allow you to use digital means to organize nearly everything, from how you lay out your garden to when you plant, water and harvest. Take a look at this list of the top gardening apps to decide which one (or ones!) would be most beneficial to the way your dad gardens.

Gifts for an Outdoorsy Dad

Is your dad always gone fishing or gone camping? Make his moments of solitude even sweeter with our outdoorsy Dad gifts.

10. The Gag Gift: A Funny Fishing Bumper Sticker

Whether you’re looking for something to give alongside a larger gift or just looking for a gag gift, this inexpensive bumper sticker is perfect for recently retired dads — the Fishmore and Doolittle retirement consulting firm will likely soon be on Dad’s payroll!

11. The Homemade Gift: Natural Bug Repellant

Avoid the dangers of DEET and mix up a batch of our homemade natural bug repellant as a gift for dear old Dad. Try to make a pretty label to go on the bottle, so he’ll remember how much you care every time he wards off those pesky bugs!

12. The Tool Gift: A Personalized 9-in-1 Emergency Tool

When Dad goes off into the woods on his own, is he always looking for the newest gadget to stay safe and smart? We love this personalized emergency tool, which comes complete with a digi-tire gauge, red LED light, seat belt cutter, glass breaker, scissors and more. And to top it all off, you can have it engraved with Dad’s initials, so none of his buddies try to pocket his cool gift!

13. The Gift Fit for a King: A Camping Throne

Who doesn’t think their dad is their king? Show Dad how much he means to you with a Camp X Chair that’s perfect for his next camping trip or even for lazing in the backyard. This travel-friendly chair is specially designed for optimal comfort — there’s no better way to show Dad you care.

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