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13 IKEA Hacks and DIY Projects for You and Your Cat

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Diy projects for you and your cat.

Love DIY projects? IKEA hacks? Do you have a cat? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are one cool human and you should read on.

As the type of person always itching to do some handy project, you are into repurposing or hacking existing furniture and home furnishing to make them just right. But home hacks and DIY projects aren’t just for humans anymore--cats can get in on the action too. Maybe not with a cat-sized drill or jig saw, but you can pull out your tools to make yours and your cat’s space just right.

Check out these clever cat DIY projects and home hacks that are designed to improve your space and make your cat feel right at home too.

  1. Kitty Crochet Nest - This is a true project, not a hack, but it involves a crochet hook as your only tool--not a drill or saw in sight. Perfect for those cats who are nesters and as an extra incentive to keep them off the furniture.
  2. DIY Catscraper Scratching Post - You will need a drill for this “catscraper” project andlots of repurposed corrugated cardboard.
  3. Elevated “Cat” Walk - This IKEA hack uses Hyllis shelving to create an catwalk hanging from the ceiling. You could use other non-IKEA types of shelving as well.
  4. Hideaway Litter Box End Table - This hack is genius for creating a private space for kitty’s commode and is perfect for those living in a small space. Jig saw is required.
  5. Double Decker Kitty Bed - This simple hack turns a IKEA Trendig tray table into a two-tier kitty bed. A good space saver.
  6. DIY Cat “Tree” - Use IKEA Lack tables and sisal to create an easy cat condo.
  7. Kitty Window Lounger - This decked out window kitty lounger is really too much!
  8. A Catio - Have indoor cats who love the outside? Create a catio for them to safely enjoy the outdoors.
  9. Facial Recognition Cat Door - This hack is inspiration for the tech-obsessed out there who want to create a cat door with facial recognition to keep out other critters.
  10. DIY Cat Tent - Make your cat cozy with this easy DIY project that calls for a couple of coat hangers and an old t-shirt.
  11. Catnip Coffee Table - Give your indoor cat a taste of the outdoors by planting some catnip and grass in a repurposed pallet coffee table. And be prepared for a little mess.
  12. Cardboard Cathouse - Here’s another cardboard project to make your cat a home sweet home.
  13. DIY Cat Fishing Pole - Catch your cat with these DIY how-to for a “fishing” pole cat toy.
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