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15 Fantastic Green Gardening Ideas and Hacks

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Gardening ideas for your backyard garden.

Now that we are in the thick of the spring growing season, it’s time for us garden geeks to turn our time and attention to planning and growing the most amazing garden ever. These gardening ideas will help you make the most of this year’s growing season.

Gardening Ideas for your Green Garden

  1. Repurposing Seed Starters - These gardening ideas for starting seeds from Rodale include suggestions for “petting” your seeds to help stimulate growth and to help harden them up.
  2. DIY Compost Bin - Build a DIY compost bin to keep your garden in black gold all season long.
  3. Keep Out Pets- This is a simple trick for keeping pets out of the garden. For those with cats, you will know how helpful this tip is!
  4. Repurposed Cold Frame - You don’t have to be limited to gardening during the summer. Building a cold frame can lengthen the growing season into late fall and early spring.
  5. Repel Mosquitoes - Plant herbs like lemongrass, lemon thyme and catnip to help repel mosquitoes.
  6. Plastic Watering System - Use repurposed containers to create a watering release system to make it easier to keep up with watering the garden.
  7. DIY Seed Tape - Holy heck, this is a great idea for making seed “tape” from toilet paper tubes and toilet paper. Makes seed planting super easy.
  8. Wine Bottle Watering System - Here’s another fantastic gardening hack for creating a watering system to keep your plants hydrated.
  9. Citrus Peel Seed Starters - Besides being practical, this tip is super cute. This would be fun to do with kids.
  10. Easy Composting - Want to start composting, but not sure where to start? Follow these 5 easy steps to making your own compost for your garden.
  11. Repurposed Milk Jug Scoops - Repurpose milk, laundry or vinegar jugs into useful garden scoops.
  12. Handle Garden Slugs with Beer - If you’ve ever had slugs in your garden, you know just how destructive they can be. Don’t think you need to use harmful chemicals, instead control slugs with beer.
  13. Vinegar Weed Control - By the same token, help control weeds with vinegar instead of with pesticides.
  14. Indoor Micro Greens - Love those micro greens, but not the price of them at the food store? Grow your own with this simple trick.
  15. How to Make a Rain Barrel - One of the best gardening ideas is to conserve rain water by making and using a rain barrel.

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