19 DIY Projects for Cats and the Crafty People Who Love Them

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Those of us who live with cats know that they require regular play, stimulation, exercise, cuddle time, high spaces on which to perch and to leap from and on and on. It can be a challenge to keep them engaged and stimulated. But never fear! A few fun DIY projects can keep you and your cat(s) happy for hours.

We just added a new kitten to our household. We now have three girl cats: Pandora, Isabella and Scout. The addition of Scout has turned things a little topsy turvy. Ownership of cat nap spaces are being redefined and renegotiated regularly (there are lots of meows and yowls going on). Then there’s the feeding time protocols and the food storage issue (Scout has figured out how to open the cabinet where the food is stored). And that’s not to mention how much time my husband and I are spending each day just playing with cats. But they are members of the family and we have to attend to their needs, right?

Of course cats sleep plenty, but they are smart and agile hunters who need every aspect of their cat-ness stimulated. That’s where cats toys, scratchers and kitty condos come in. But don’t spend money at the pet store on high dollar toys and scratching pads only to have your cats play with the box they came in–instead check out these DIY projects for some fun for your kitty cats.

Credit: Image by Sheri Giblin.

Here are 19 are the best DIY projects for your kitty cats. Fun for you and your cats!

  1. The Cardboard Cat Cocoon
  2. Door Cat Scratcher
  3. Build a Cat Hammock
  4. DIY crochet cat bed
  5. Kitty Cat Hideaway Box
  6. Recycled Tshirt Cat Toys
  7. Kitty Cat Cardboard house
  8. “Catscraper”: DIY Cat Scratching Post
  9. Make Your Own Environmentally Safe Cat Litter
  10. DIY – How to Make a Cat Window Perch
  11. Cat Teepee
  12. DIY Cat Tent
  13. Feather Cat toy
  14. How-To: Modern Cat Condo
  15. Itch Cat Scratch Pad
  16. Ikea Hack double-decker cat snug/scratch post
  17. A Cat Trapeze
  18. DIY Cat Water Fountain
  19. DIY Dresser Drawer Cat Tower

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