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3 Ways to De-Stress Your Pet This Season


Feeling anxious about crafting the perfect holiday meal? Are you worried about that looming Christmas shopping deadline? You might not be the only one in the family feeling a little freaked out this time of year. Our four-legged friends can sense our emotions. So, chances are if you’re stressed out your pets are feeling the blues too. Poor Fido or Smokey.

The holidays can be a tense time for pets. Guests arrive that need to be barked at, sniffed or pointedly ignored. New smells wafting from the kitchen must be closely investigated. An unusually busy (or busier!) household can have them constantly running for cover under the nearest chair or bed. No wonder your canines and felines are feeling overwhelmed.

All jokes aside, pets really do feel confused when their routines abruptly change, or their owners feel anxious. Don’t let your furry friends suffer this season. These three stress relievers are sure to turn your pets back into their regular wagging, slobbering, mewing happy go-lucky selves in no time.

1. Calm Yourself

Pets can intuitively understand how their owners feel. If you work on calming yourself, your animal buddies will feel calmer too. Take a break from all of the holiday activities and run a relaxing bubble bath. Go to bed early to recharge your batteries. Or go for a long walk. The exercise will calm your mind and your canine will love it too!

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2. Give em’ Some Lovin’

With all of the stresses the holidays bring, it’s easy to forget to give your furry friends their usual amount of attention. Take a break from wrapping presents and give your pal a good belly rub. Looking down at those puppy eyes or feeling a soft kitten's fur will make you think, “Stress? What stress?”

Take time to get down on your pet’s level and play with them each day. Some TLC from you will seriously reduce their stress levels. Plus, studies have shown that people who own pets naturally feel less stressed. You’ll probably feel a lot better yourself after a good tug of war session with your favorite canine.

3. Smell Good Scents

Want a sneaky way to help your pet unwind? Hang some lavender sprigs around your house. Just make sure to place them in spots where your crafty pets can’t munch on them. Or place a few drops of lavender essential oil on some cotton balls and hide them in pet proof locations. Naturally calming lavender will have your pets (and you!) feeling chilled out in no time.

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