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4 Fall-to-Winter Decorating Ideas Using Pinecones

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As the season changes to fall, displays of pumpkins, gourds and dry grasses start popping up on porch steps, mantles and dining room tables. While these autumn decorating favorites offer a classic look, why not change up the décor this year? Use pinecones instead.

You don’t have to limit your pinecone decorating to winter displays. They do double duty! Those easy-to-find beauties can vamp up your home right now—and then easily transition into your holiday decorating. Here’s a little inspiration.

Fill it Up

image: Anne S. Lucas


This might possibly be the easiest decorating tip ever. Take whatever container you have and fill it with pinecones. Put them in those vases that it seems like just yesterday were holding your summer blooms. Pinecones will look especially stunning in a glass vase. Or line a row of mason jars brimming with pinecones along a shelf. For a vintage look, place a pile of pinecones in a vintage crate or box. Or just position a bunch on a decorative plate for an easy table centerpiece.

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Deck the Mantle

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Before you deck the halls in December, dress up your mantle for fall by bringing the outdoors in. You don’t even have to leave your front yard for this one. Head outside and grab a few pinecones, maybe some chesnuts and a mixture of yellow, orange, brown and red leaves. Then artfully arrange those natural dandies around your favorite candles and knick-knacks on your mantle. This will create a perfect fall accent—for free! When it comes time to swap out the fall décor for the holidays, simply leave the pinecones in place and add your favorite holiday decorations.

Hanging by a Thread

Gussy up your doorway by dangling clusters of pinecones from ribbons in autumnal hues—rich browns, golds or oranges—above your front door. Next season swap out the ribbon for festive colors and add a little mistletoe for extra fun.

Plant This

image: Chiot's Run


Are your planters or flowerpots looking a little barren at the moment? Dump out that sad looking soil and fill them up with pinecones. The pinecones will add a little something-something to your doorway or porch without you having to work too hard. When the holiday season rolls around, simply incorporate a few evergreen boughs into the mix to give the pots a little winter flair.

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