4 Kickstarter Projects that Support Conscious and Sustainable Living

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Most everyone knows that Kickstater is a great place to raise money for almost anything. It’s a godsend to any budding entrepreneur, filmmaker or musician. Kickstarter is also a great place for environmental activists to back their forward-thinking projects. We wanted to give you, our conscious readers, a chance to back some of these stellar ideas, so we’ve rounded up 4 Kickstarter projects that support sustainable living.

1. Especially Puglia – Adopt an Olive Tree, by Michele Iadarola

Iadarola wants you, the discerning eater, to enjoy genuine extra virgin olive oil from Puglia, which resides in the southern region of Italy. This area is well known for its olive trees. (Just under half a million of this area’s trees are “centuries old.”)

This Kickstarter allows smart eaters to adopt a tree in the region. Adopters get the chance to receive a three-liter tin of olive oil. While this project is already backed, it still has a few days to go.

2. The New Garden Tower – Powering a Fresh Food Revolution, by Garden Tower Project

While this Garden Tower is backed already, it still has time to get in on the project. So, you can still benefit from the perks of donating some cash. The Tower will allow users to grow 50 – 50! – plants in 4-square feet. The system is able to do so by utilizing food scraps that power its “integrated vermin-composting nutrient delivery system.”

3. AliGrow

This project landed on Kickstarter on November 21, so you’ve plenty of time to help the founders along. The AliGrow Planter allows gardeners to give their plants “the perfect amount of water.” The planter allows the user not to waste water. The planter is plant, planet, people, and price-friendly. We like all those things and fully support Kickstarter projects like this!

4. Wearable Biometric Earphones for Fitness and Health, by Sensogram Technologies, Inc.

You still have 21 days to help this project get to its $250,000 goal. This device will allow you to track and manage all your activities. The SensoTRACK will manage and monitor: “heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and respiration rate. It counts steps, calories burned, senses your speed, activity level, geolocation, altitude, body posture, and pace, while tracking parameters you enter, such as weight, body mass index (BMI), blood sugar and emotional state.” In addition to tracking, it also allows the wearer to listen to music and has an in-ear fit.

Are there any Kickstarter projects that you think support sustainable living that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments section!

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