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4 Ways to Repurpose Old Dresser Drawers


image: ihearthome

Do you have an old dresser that’s looking a little worse for wear? Perhaps it has some chips and nicks, or a broken handle? Maybe it’s just outdated? Don’t toss it in the garbage. Salvage the dresser drawers to reuse as other items in your home.

If you don’t already own a dresser to salvage drawers from, finding old dressers is easy. Garage sales and flea markets often sell cheap dressers. If you really want to score a bargain, go to sales toward the end of the day. Prices usually get marked down around closing time and sometimes owners even give away stuff for free!

Once you collect some drawers, try these four fun ways to reuse dresser drawers in your home.

1. Create shelves.

Use L-brackets to secure dresser drawers to the wall as shelves. Face the drawers on the wall in the same direction as they would in a dresser, with the inside facing toward the ceiling, so you can store items inside them. Try placing several drawers next to each other at varying levels to create a funky combination of wall art and shelving.

Using old dresser drawers as shelves is especially convenient in small rooms. Make limited space go farther in a tiny bathroom by using the shelves to store toilet paper, beauty products and mason jars containing common bathroom items. Keep kitchen cabinets clutter-free by storing spices and other pantry items inside the drawers. Hang them near the stove for convenient use.

2. Fashion a wall mount.

This idea is similar to using the drawers as shelves, but instead of hanging the drawers with the inside facing upwards, mount them on the wall with the inside facing outwards. You can then use the drawers to display pictures, knickknacks and books.

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To create an unconventional key holder use this same idea, but also install hooks at the top of the drawer to hold keys. Hang the improvised key holder near the front door to prevent wasted time searching for lost keys.

3. Use as under bed storage.

Old dresser drawers make easy do-it-yourself under bed storage. Simply screw four caster wheels to the bottom of the drawer in each corner. Wheels will make the drawers much more convenient to pull out from the dark depths beneath the bed.

Store out-of-season clothing, bed linens and kids’ toys in the drawers.

4. Use for organization and display.


Image: Kalli Streator

Small dresser drawers make convenient organizers. Place one on a table near the front door to manage mail.

Arrange a smaller drawer on its end with the handle facing toward the ceiling on a desk or end table. Make sure the drawer sits with its inside facing outwards. Place books or other objects along the inside of the drawer. A larger drawer could work in this same way as a miniature standing bookcase.

Make your impromptu display case stand out by painting the inside of the drawer a different color than the outside. Try painting the inside and outside contrasting colors to add visual interest.

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