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5 Organic-Themed Costumes for Halloween 2011


I’ll admit it. I love the movie Mean Girls. And, with Halloween 2011 upon us, a particular line is recurring: “Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can… just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.” But imagine a world where we can get away with such costumes - at least, the animal part - while also promoting an organic lifestyle.

Yes, it’s true. Halloween is not just the one night when we have an excuse to wear skimpier clothing than usual; it’s also a night when, at the same time, we can promote saving the planet. Below are five organic themed costumes for Halloween 2011 with a special twist to make them as fun, flirty and sustainable as desired.

  1. Grass Fed Cow. Trick or treat, grass fed meat, give me something hormone-free to eat. Okay, so a cow hasn’t exactly been considered the sexiest of costumes… until now. Anyone who’s seen Food, Inc. is familiar with Joel Salatin’s famous “Grass Fed” t-shirts. Pair one of these with black-and-white polka dot pants or a skirt, plus a set of cow ears (sold separately at most costume stores). Feel like getting even more creative? Use a pink balloon to add an “udder” illusion.
  2. Organic Pumpkin. Think dressing head-to-toe in an orange hue is un-sexy? Think again. (Hello, remember Jennifer Hudson at the Oscars?) Grab an orange top and bottom or dress and pin a large “USDA Organic” logo to the ensemble. To create more of a jack-o-lantern look, throw on some thick, black eyeliner.
  3. Cage Free Chicken. Wear a set of orange tights under a white ensemble with the words “Cage Free” written across the top, completed with a yellow faux-feather boa and red hat. To add an extra oomph, carry an empty cage-free egg carton; if used properly, it can even double as a clutch.
  4. Biodegradable Plastic Bag. This costume idea requires a bit of research. Find out which restaurants or businesses in your area use biodegradable plastic bags. (Fellow Bostonians: Five Napkin Burger does.) Then, cut out the portion of the bag that, with hope, contains the word “Biodegradable” in large print and pin it to a shirt. To create a “plastic” effect for the rest of your outfit, find a pair of shiny, faux white leather pants. Pair with green eye shadow and/or accessories.
  5. Untested Bunny. We’ve all seen the horrifying images of rabbits undergoing tests for shaving cream. Finding a pair of bunny ears and a matching tail is easy enough, but how about making that costume appropriately themed? Simple. Write or paint the words “Cruelty Free” on a white top and pair with shorts, pants or skirt in whichever bunny color you prefer. Feel like really proving a point? Call your favorite cruelty-free product manufacturer and ask for samples to hand out.
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