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5 Ways to Reuse Mason Jars in Your Bathroom


At its best, a bathroom should feel like a relaxing space, a place where you can unwind after a long day with a hot shower. It should also be useful, allowing you to get ready in the morning without wasting time searching for that brush you know you put in there somewhere.

As high traffic areas, bathrooms often turn into messy, unpleasant spaces. Give your bathroom an eco-friendly organizational overhaul (and add a bit of decorative charm) with these five tips to repurpose mason jars in the bathroom.

1. Use mason jars as storage.

Instead of randomly shoving items into drawers, use mason jars to store common bathroom items.

Designate mason jars for items you want to keep together. Use smaller jars to hold q-tips and cotton balls, hair ties, makeup brushes, razors and nail files. Store hairbrushes in a larger jar.

Line the jars along the counter for easy access. The smaller jars could even fit in a medicine cabinet.

2. Create a toothbrush holder out of a mason jar.

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Instead of buying those boring plastic toothbrush holders, simply use a mason jar without the lid. If you want to prevent family members from swapping germs, drill holes in the lid to hold each member’s toothbrush.

3. Use mason jars as unconventional candles.

Create a peaceful atmosphere in the bathroom by using mason jars as candles. Simply place a tea light in a jar sans lid and enjoy the soft light glinting off the glass.

4. Decorate with mason jars and pictures.

Bathroom décor doesn’t need to feel blah. Add some character to the room by displaying pictures inside glass jars. Try lining several mason jars filled with images that fit your room’s décor along a shelf. Give the room a vintage feel by placing black and white photos inside the jars.

5. Display bath salts or soaps.

Turn your bathroom into your personal spa by using mason jars to hold pretty soaps, bath balls and bath salts, like these do-it-yourself Ayurveda bath salts. Keep them near the tub for convenient use.

Feel good about your revamped bathroom. Repurposing mason jars instead of buying new décor or storage containers is better for the planet and for your wallet. Now go relax, light the candles, take a bubble bath and enjoy your fresh organized space.

image: LOLren

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