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5 Ways to Reuse Vintage Suitcases as Home Décor


You’d have to be a pretty adventurous gal to cart vintage luggage around the airport, but you’ll always be one classy chick if you decorate your home with repurposed vintage suitcases.

Vintage luggage comes in a range of materials including hard-shell, canvas and leather, and they come in all colors and shapes. No matter the type of suitcase, the vintage style remains classic. Try these five ideas to blend these timeless suitcases into your home’s décor.

1. Create a bedside table.

As a lover of anything vintage, I especially like to combine vintage and modern elements when decorating my home. Mixing the two styles creates visually interesting spaces.

If you have a modern style bed, try fashioning a table made out of vintage suitcases next to the bed to create an attractive contrast.

Stack several vintage suitcases on top of one another, starting with the largest and moving to the smallest, to build an unconventional bedside table. Fill them with heavy objects, such as books, to make sure they stay in place.

2. Use as under bed storage.

Don’t buy plastic tubs to use as under bed storage when you can reuse other items for the same purpose. Narrow vintage suitcases fit nicely beneath beds. The lids will keep dust and other grime from getting inside. The suitcases will look stylish peeking out from under the bed, much better than the eyesore of a plastic tub.

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3. Use as a combination of storage and display.

Vintage suitcases look cute with the lids open. Use them to store and display your favorite objects.

In my home, I keep a medium-sized vintage suitcase with the lid propped open on a table near the front door. During the winter I filled it with gloves, hats and scarves so I could easily grab them on the way out the door. Now that summer is on the way, I’m going to use the suitcase as an impromptu magazine holder.

4. Create unique shelving.

To really add a bold accent to a room, turn vintage suitcases into shelves. This eco-friendly do-it-yourself home project will require a little handiwork.

To make the shelf sturdy, you’ll need one board and two L-brackets for each suitcase. Assemble the shelf by screwing the L-brackets to the wall and then to the board. Place the suitcase on top of the shelf with the lid open. Use screws to secure the lid of the suitcase to the wall. Arrange decorative items inside the bottom of the suitcase.

5. Leave as is.

The easiest tip of all! Simply rest a pair of vintage suitcases next to a couch or end table for a simple, but stylish accent.

image: ejorpin

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