5 White Vinegar Uses for All Around the Home

Did you know that white vinegar is useful not just in your kitchen but in the rest of your home as well? We love using white vinegar in a variety of ways to help out around the house in a completely safe and organic way. These 5 ways to use white vinegar at home are sure to change the way you keep your home clean. Make sure that you’ve always got a bottle of vinegar in the cupboard!

1. Brighten Whites and Remove Stains

Instead of buying expensive spot treatments, try white vinegar on stubborn stains. White vinegar can be used in a solution to protect the bright whiteness of clothes, but it can also be used as a topical stain remover to help remove stains on clothes. On top of everything, it’s an all-natural solution, unlike some of those other products.

2. Remove Dish Stains

Stains that have stuck onto white dishes can easily be removed with vinegar. Simply soak dirty dishes in vinegar and water overnight to help those stains come out and your dishes look good as new. Of course, be sure to wash them well afterwards so that your food doesn’t taste too acidic!

3. Make Your Own Cottage Cheese

Make cottage cheese at home with vinegar; it’s easy to do. White vinegar is one of just three ingredients you need to make your very own cottage cheese at home. As compared with the ingredients in some store brands — filled with preservatives and artificial flavors — you’ll be happy with your homemade cottage cheese come breakfast time.

4. Make Half-Sour Pickles

Half-sour pickles are a New York deli staple; make your own half-sour pickles with white vinegar. Half-sour pickles are refrigerator pickles, intended to be consumed within the month. The longer you leave them, the more flavor they’ll have.

5. Natural Herbicide

White vinegar is a fantastic all-natural herbicide. Use it in a solution with orange oil, molasses and liquid soap to make a solution that will keep your garden organic and weed-free.

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