6 Biggest Mistakes You Make Folding Clothes

6 Biggest Mistakes You Make Folding Clothes

Laundry. Barf. It’s this never-ending sea of smells, stains, and wrinkles I never quite know what to do with. And while folding clothes isn’t rocket science, there are times when it feels like there should be a course available. Between the pant legs that never quite line up to the sock that’s always missing, folding clothes can be such a pain in the hamper.

Plus, by taking shortcuts or forcing your clothes into tight spaces, you’re not only making the folding process harder on yourself, but effing with how long your clothes will last.

Here, 6 mistakes you may be making as you’re folding clothes:

1. Leaving them in the dryer too long

If you don’t remove your clothes from the dryer as soon as they’re done, you’re basically asking for wrinkles. Life happens though, so if you find yourself face-to-face with a crumpled ball of clothing, toss in a clean, damp towel and run the dryer for 15 minutes at a time until your clothes are wrinkle-free.

2. Not shaking them out

The shake-and-smooth is a classic move that shouldn’t be skipped when you’re folding clothes. Shaking your clothes out before folding them helps them lay flatter, helping you to store them more efficiently.

3. Ignoring the fabric

If the piece of clothing you’re attempting to fold into submission is made of an awkward or slippery fabric, save yourself the hassle and hang it up instead. (A rule I wish I’d learned way sooner.)

4. Rolling your socks into balls

Sure, balling your socks saves space in that dresser of yours, but doing so stretches out the elastic and fabric over time. Keep your socks in tip top shape by folding your pairs in half.

5. Folding your bras

Folding your bras with one cup inside the other will mess with their shape over time. Much like you’d see in a lingerie store, nest each of your bras inside the other. Sure, they’ll take up more space, but just think of the money you’ll save!

6. Not “filing” your clothes

When we fold and stack our clothes onto shelves and into drawers, we tend to favor the clothes at the top of the pile and neglect what’s underneath, saddling them with hardcore creases that may never come out. By “filing” your clothes vertically, you can see every piece of clothing at a glance, and not stacking them will keep them wrinkle-free. Total win win.

Simply fold your clothes in half lengthwise once, then repeat folding until they’re the right height for the depth of your drawer. Once everything’s tucked neatly into place, you’ll be able to pick out a top and pants much like you would a book on a shelf. Swoon.

What tricks do you use when you’re folding clothes?

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