6 DIY Cat Toys and Other Projects to Make Cats (and Their Humans) Happy

Make your own DIY cat toys from stuff you aleady have around your house.

Cats are often happier playing with the box than with the expensive cat toy we bought, so why not just give them the box in the first place? But who wants boxes all over the house? Instead, boxes, and other household recyclables, can actually be turned into some pretty cool DIY cat toys, games, and hideaways that both cats and humans will love.

DIY Cat Toys and Other Fun DIY Projects

1. T-shirt Knot Toys – Old t-shirts are perfect for making DIY cat toys like t-shirt knots, because jersey doesn’t fray. Simply cut six equal lengths from an old t-shirt. Use one to tie a knot around the other lengths and voila! Playtime makes for a happy cat.

2. T-shirt Yarn Crocheted Cat Cave – You can also use old t-shirts to make jersey yarn and crochet up a cozy cat bed for your feline friend. Cats like to have a quiet space they can burrow into and this one can be thrown in the wash too.

3. Toilet Paper Tube DIY Cat Toys – Cats love playing with toilet paper tubes anyway, so why not use them to make DIY cat toys? There are a variety of things you can do, but we like to place a catnip sachet inside and pinch both ends of the tubes making “ears.” Decorate however you like.

4. Milk Tab “Fishing” Pole – Most cats find plastic drink tabs irresistible. You know those pull away plastic pieces you find on milk, water, and juice bottles? Use them to DIY your own cat “fishing” pole for playtime for you and your cat. You can use a stick, a wooden dowel, or a piece of bamboo for the rod. Drill a small hole in the rod, thread some string through the hole, and make some knots. Tie the other end of the string to the milk tab and you’re done.

5. Towel Kitty Hammock– Repurpose a towel into a kitty hammock for under a coffee table. Simply add some holes to each corner and use heavyweight yarn to tie the hammock to each leg of the table. It’s a great place for kitty to escape, or you can use it as storage for all those DIY cat toys you made.

6. Cardboard Scratching Pad – We all know that cats love cardboard and every household seems to end up with cardboard needing to be recycled. Instead of adding that cardboard to the bin, turn it into into stylish scratching/lounging DIY cat toys instead. Your cats will love them and you can help safeguard your furniture.

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