7 Vintage Decor DIY Ideas that are Chic Yet Planet-Friendly

We know that it can sometimes feel like having a stylish home and being planet-friendly are mutually exclusives things. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Just because you don’t buy into the whole conspicuous consumption treadmill doesn’t mean that you can’t have a super chic home. Instead, of buying new and wasting precious resources, buy into chic vintage decor.

Tips for How to Get on Board with Vintage Decor

  • Eschew that put together furniture from IKEA and other similar retailers. It’s not meant to last and can be pretty toxic to manufacture and dispose of.
  • Treasure family furniture pieces. Quality vintage furniture really never goes out of style.
  • Subscribe to the modern, minimalist style. A functional, uncluttered home with standout vintage furniture pieces and some statement wall art or rugs is one way to do vintage decor.
  • Get on board with repurposing. Repurposing is reusing an item for other than its original purpose. For example, turn an old suitcase into a side table or use pallets as a headboard.
  • Don’t be afraid to DIY. Whether it’s repurposing furniture or adding stylish touches to your decor, doing-it-yourself can be a more eco-friendly choice than purchasing something new. And it can be fun too!

7 DIY Ideas to Create a Chic Vintage Decor

  1. Reuse gorgeous vintage quilts as curtains to add color and visual interest to your windows. One suggestion though, don’t use your family quilts as sunlight will degrade and weaken the fabric.
  2. Make a stunning headboard from old from repurposed wood from pallets, an old fence or other sources.
  3. Have a lot of leftover bottle corks? Consider making your own unique cork throw rug to add some texture to your floor.
  4. Repurpose an old milk, produce or grocery crate into an ottoman. Extra bonus points if you use a vintage textile for the cushion cover.
  5. Combine a vintage suitcase and the base from an old chair or table into a clever end table.
  6. Vintage tennis rackets can be found in thrift stores and aren’t really practical to use for tennis anymore. Instead use them to DIY unique, vintage tennis racket mirrors.
  7. Instead of buying brand new chairs for your dining table, consider painting and recovering a collection of vintage chairs to create a one-of-a-kind look.

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