8 Fun and Fantastic Ideas for Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are creative, aesthetically pleasing and a refreshing way to add more greenery and color to your home, whether indoors or out. No matter what the size of the space your are sprucing up, hanging planters are nifty because you can utilize space effectively in small areas, or add some greenery to dark or forgotten corners of a large yard or house. The best thing about hanging planters is that they can host a variety of plants, from gorgeous, trailing flowers to cooking herbs to delicious fruits like strawberries and tomatoes. Check out our 8 amazing ideas for hanging planters and get going on your verdant summer decorating!

1. Porcelain and Leather Hanging Planters

These elegant and simple planters are perfect for herbs, succulents and even small flowers. The can hang inside our outside, but be sure to choose one with or without a drainage hole accordingly. They would even make a wonderful gift!


2. Al’s Flower Pocket

This cute, very reasonable and easy-to-use planter is perfect for fences, walls and patios. Use a bright plant with large blossoms, and make sure to keep it regularly watered, or in a spot where it will receive rain water.


3. Wine Crate Planter

Although not quite loosely hanging, this vertical planter does nonetheless hang from the wall either indoors or outdoors. All you need is nine 4 inch plants and you’re set! Play with colors and patterns for an eye-catching display.


4. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Another set of planters that hangs from the wall, this one is easy enough to make yourself with mason jars, metal clamps and a piece of wood to screw them onto. Grow your favorite cooking herbs right by your kitchen sink, or just outside your kitchen window!


5. Suspended Plant Shelf

Cute and quirky, this little hanging planter is really more of a shelf, but one that can hold a myriad of small potted plants, or flower vases.


6. Living Picture Planter

A very modern take on having plants in the house, this hanging planter acts more like a piece of art than anything else. The cool thing is it looks like it is almost growing in the wall! Choose it as a gift for you trendy friends.


7. Hanging Sea Urchin Planter

This hanging planter is so unique and cool! Made for air plants, which only need a bit of spritzing here and there, this is the perfect indoor hanging planter for your bedroom, office or even bathroom (for that underwater feel.)


8. Macrame Hanging Planter

Macrame hanging planters are always beautiful and easy to work with both inside and outside. This one is particularly sturdy and well-made, and is available in several different colors and sizes.


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