Brilliant Bird Feeder Ideas for Your Garden

What better way to attract some wildlife to your garden then by hanging a beautiful and beneficial bird feeder in your garden or outdoor space? Check out these 9 creative bird feeders, both for the DIYer and the lazy gardener, and give your yard something to chirp about.

1. Colored Cans

How cute are these bird feeders? Simply take any old food can or can of coffee, wash it well and then paint it in a bright color. Glue a sturdy stick (like a pencil) to the inside of the can, and use a colorful ribbon to tie it around a branch. Fill with bird feed and voila!

2. Mason Jar Feeder

Use a mason jar and a chick feeder, which you’ll find at a local grange or farm and feed store, and use a decorative wire to hang it from a branch. Make sure to fill the jar with feed, then place the feeder cap on, and after that turn the jar upside down.

3. Wine Bottle Feeder

This is a super fun way to use an old wine bottle! You can either keep the label on, or wash it off, and cut the bottom of the bottle using a glass cutter. Fill the bottle with bird feed and then use strong super glue to attach a plate to the bottom of the bottle. Use strong copper wire to hang the feeder from a branch.

4. Living Roof Feeder

How cool is this? This awesome bird feeder from uncommon goods comes with organic soil, succulent cuttings and a hanging kit so that you can easily set it up in your yard. The trendiest birds in your hood will definitely want to hang out here!

5. Tea Cup Feeder

Check out this cute feeder, incorporating your favorite vintage tea set! It’s nifty and super easy to make, and will attract the most sophisticated chirpers to your backyard.

6. Teapot Feeder

Following in the tea theme, this funky little teapot ornament is more of a bird perch, but can be turned into a feeder by super gluing a a small plate to the spout of the teapot.

7. Round About Feeder

If you’re looking for something a little more modern, this copper and glass feeder from the birdhouse chick is just the ticket. It’ll look elegant anywhere in your yard and can hold up to 5 lbs. of food.

8. Copper Spiral Feeder

These elegant and chic copper feeders will look gorgeous twirling around in your yard, especially in the sunshine. These feeders are made in the USA and are guaranteed to last!

9. Control Tower at Montalvo Arts Center

The “Control Tower” at the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, CA is more of an inspiration than anything else, but why not give it a try if you’ve got a lot of birds to feed?

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