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Create A Kitschy-Cute Table with Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers


Plopping the plastic containers of salt and pepper that you bought at the store onto your table doesn’t exactly set the mood for a homey dinner. Sure, they serve the purpose of adding a bit of taste to an under seasoned dish, but they don’t look particularly attractive. Those plastic vessels do nothing to highlight that home cooked meal that you worked so hard to create.

While eating is a necessity, we shouldn’t forget to enjoy it! Part of relishing your food means creating an environment where you can savor your meals. Drape a tablecloth over your dinner table once in a while, bust out the good silverware and get yourself some fun salt and pepper shakers (say goodbye to boring plastic spice containers). Then, grab a glass of wine and relax.

Why Vintage?

Vintage S&P shakers, like other vintage housewares, just offer a distinctly different style than modern kitchenware. They look slightly shabby chic, and certain eras also boast distinct styles, such as the 1960s “Technicolor” look with salt and pepper shakers in bright reds, yellows and olive-y greens. Plus, with vintage items, you can feel all environmentally-friendly about not buying something brand new.

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Kitschy, Not Corny

No doubt salt and pepper shakers can look a little corny at times. After all, they’ve been made to resemble any object you can imagine, from cartoon characters to hands to vegetables. They can be sweet, scary or downright weird. But, they can also stylishly complete a kitchen table.

Picture a pair of vintage shakers shaped as turquoise birds setting off your chic Easter table setting, or a couple of cute button mushroom shakers for everyday kitchen use. You can find ones to fit any look—rustic, elegant, country, hipster, funky. By choosing vintage shakers that fit your style, you can make a kitschy-cute table, not a corny one. But, really, what’s wrong with a little corniness once in a while? Why not grab a pair of shakers shaped as peanuts or refrigerators just for fun?

Switch Up Your Style

You can switch out your salt and pepper shakers to fit your table’s theme, or just whenever you feel like a change. Their small size makes them easy to store, and they’re readily available for cheap at antique malls, thrift stores and flea markets. There’s sure to be a bunch of vintage shakers available on your next thrifting excursion, so scope out ones that fit your style. And get ready to shake it up at your next meal!

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