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Espresso Yourself with Organic Coffee Dog Shampoo


You’re not the only one that needs a morning pick-me-up. After all, dogs sleep around 12 hours a day. No wonder they call them lucky dogs. Perk up his coat with PetSpresso Dog Shampoo ($30). Made with real coffee grounds, this shampoo soothes dry, itchy skin and neutralizes stinky dog odors. Free of toxic chemicals, the leading ingredient is real coffee grounds coupled with organic oils like coconut and hemp, and natural vitamin E to offer antioxidant benefits to neutralize free radical damage caused by pollution, sun exposure, and stress. Organic jojoba oil is also a soothing ingredient used to moisturize the coat and skin, which will reduce itching and dryness caused by seasonal changes, while 100 percent aloe vera gel with heal skin and reduce flaking. PS: Don’t worry; it won’t stain or darken your pups light coat since the coffee grounds aren’t brewed or cooked.

Feel like making your own homemade dog shampoo? Try Green Your Dogs’ recipe for Organic Coffee Shampoo (remember our great Essential Oil Spray?). It’ll not only leave your pup smelling great but it’ll slough off any dirt, dead skin cells, and other grime your pup picks up.

DIY Organic Coffee Shampoo

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From the Organic Authority Files

  • 5 tsp. organic ground coffee (not brewed or cooked)
  • 1 tsp. organic sugar or salt
  • 2 tsp. organic oil (avocado, jojoba, or olive works well)
  • 1/2 cup organic dog moisturizing shampoo

Mix all the ingredients together in a large resealable container. Now it’s bath time. Wet your pooch completely then turn off the water. Slather on some organic coffee shampoo being sure to get down to the skin. The coffee grounds will exfoliate as well as prevent against free radicals thanks to coffee’s high anti-oxidants. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, especially with longer haired pups. Afterwards, he’ll feel great and smell great. If fleas are a problem, try this essential oil bath bar.

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