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Get Green, Clean Tire and Dashboard Dressing this Holiday!


In our continuing Green Car product launch series, today we’re covering our cool Green Car Tire & Dashboard Dressing 1 gallon refill for our Green Car Cleaning Kit.

Our Green Car Tire & Dashboard Dressing replaces all those stinky VOC (volatile organic compounds) emitting conventional tire and dash products (you know the ones that leave your car smelling chemically weird with some cheap fragrance).

This product conditions, protects and restores natural suppleness and beauty to rubber, vinyl and leather and provides long-lasting protection and shine. It’s free of petroleum ingredients and harmful silicone oils and leaves no sticky residue. Spray this on your dash, tires and even your leather seats and you’ll be left with a shiny sparkling car that makes you feel proud and truly clean and fresh! We use only real orange essential oil in all of our Green Car products for a touch of fresh aromatherapy to lift your spirits. And yes this product is non-toxic and biodegradable within 7 days.

All of the Green Car product bottles are recyclable. So when they reach the end of their life cycle, please recycle! Remember there is no “away” when it comes to “throwing something away.” Anything that is thrown in the trash and is not recycled ends up in our ever growing, highly polluted landfills. It’s time we reverse this trend, and become conscious consumers and recycle everything we can.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Oh and by the way, here’s a hot green health tip: if you get your car washed at a full service car wash, say no to fragrance. Chemical fragrances, in general contain a known hormone disruptor, phthalates, that are related to a series of health problems ranging from reproductive-development problems in baby boys to obesity. Did you know chemicals could be making you fat, it’s true!

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Ingredients: Purified water, polymer leveling agents, nonionic surfactant, pure orange essential oil

Price and Size: 128 fl Oz./1 gallon; $30.88

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