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3 Green Mother's Day Craft Projects for Kids

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Mother's Day is a great time to make Mom feel special and get the kids excited about making a few Earth-friendly crafts. Try these three green Mother's Day craft projects for kids that let Mom enjoy her ever-growing green onions, newly organized earring collection and even her more cheerful grocery bags.

1. Tuna can flower pot

Green onions, which are currently in season, or any small kitchen herb will work great in this tuna can flower pot the kids can make for Mom. Mom's not into plants? Place a tealight inside instead. 


1 empty tuna can
20 wooden clothespins
Potting soil
1 bunch of green onions, roots intact


Remove the label from an opened and cleaned tuna can. Clip clothespins all around the tuna can's edges to create a little wooden fence. Place a bit of potting soil in the can and plant your green onions. You can clip the ends off of your green onion plant to use them in recipes and the plant will continue to grow. It's the perfect window sill plant for the kitchen.

Adapted from Duitang

2. Earring holder picture frame

Give Mom a place to hold all those earrings and be reminded of her children's love. 


1 old wooden picture frame, backing removed
Paints and paintbrushes
PIece of screening large enough to cover frame's back
1 picture hanger


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From the Organic Authority Files

Have the kids decorate the picture frame with flowers or "Happy Mother's Day" sentiments. A parent can then nail or staple the piece of screening to the back of the frame. Earrings can be hooked through the holes in the screen. If Mom wants her jewelry holder to hang, a parent can attach a picture hanger to the back.

Adapted from Creatively Green

3. Handprint flower grocery bags

Design a super fancy and loving reusable grocery bag for Mom. The handprint flowers will make the bag into a great keepsake. Make a new one each year to see how much your kids are growing! Depending on their ages, kids can "sign" the back of the bag with handprints or paint their own names and ages.


1 canvas grocery bag (a light color works best)
Sponge paintbrushes

Have the kids coat their palms in paint and create a flower by pressing their hands on the bag in a circle (fingertips pointing out). Four or five handprints work well. Have multiple kids and want to make just one bag? Have them alternate their handprints for a dynamic flower. Use the sponge paintbrushes to paint a circle in the middle of the flower and a stem and leaf attached to the flower. 

Let the bag dry for about four hours. 

Paint "We (heart) you, Mom" or other Mother's Day sentiments on the back of the bag. If they're able, the kids can sign their names and ages on the back of the bag. If not, have a parent write their names and ages next to another handprint placed by the kids. 

Let the bag dry for another four hours and fill it with Mom's favorites.

Adapted from Paint Cut Paste

Looking for more eco-friendly kids craft ideas? Try any of these three eco kids craft ideas or adapt this Earthy painted flower pot and saucer to Mother's Day by painting in Mom's favorite colors!

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Image: Larry Johnson

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