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Grow It Vertical! DIY Wood Pallet Garden

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If your gardening spot lacks space, then grow vertical! Want a cheap way to do it? Reclaim a wooden pallet and turn it into your new garden. A wooden pallet can hold oodles of flowers, herbs, and vegetables—whatever you want to grow. With just the necessity of a wall to lean against, a pallet-turned-garden is perfect for a tiny apartment balcony or a small porch. Those with ample space can also use it as an addition to a humdrum sidewall in a backyard or to dress up a blank stretch of fencing.

Transforming a pallet into a bountiful garden takes a little do-it-yourself gusto, but its charming, rustic look and space-saving ability make it well worth the effort. Just follow these steps.

1. Find a Pallet

Scour the alleyways behind your local grocery stores, supermarkets and small businesses for leftover pallets. You’ll likely find a (free!) pallet tossed out behind the dumpsters.

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2. Fix er’ Up

Time to turn that trash into your garden treasure. Secure any loose boards by nailing them back down and use sandpaper to remove any rough patches.

3. Staple, Staple

Staple landscape fabric to the bottom, back and sides of the pallet. This will hold the soil in place. Leave the top part clear. Don’t skimp on the staples, as you want to make sure the fabric is secure so your soil won’t escape!

4. Get Planting

Place your pallet flat on the ground to start your planting. First, position all of the plants you want in the top section tightly together. Next, fill all of the openings with soil. Spread the soil out evenly. Leave just enough space to slide the rest of your plants into the openings. Plant them tightly so soil won’t fall out.

Leave your pallet horizontal for a few weeks so your plants have time to take root. This will help keep the soil from falling out when you stand your pallet up. Then, just water regularly. Happy vertical gardening!

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image: Stephanie Booth

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