How Hydrogen Peroxide Can Help You

Hydrogen peroxide is a clear liquid composed of water and oxygen. It is a germicide and considered the world’s safest all natural effective sanitizer. You can use it for just about anything involving getting rid of bacteria, breaking up mucous, or scrubbing away scum, both in your body and around the house.

Hydrogen peroxide has a strong oxidizing capacity and is able to kill microorganisms. Because of this, hydrogen peroxide is an excellent all-purpose healer for most of your daily health and household woes.

In order for your immune system to function properly, your body makes hydrogen peroxide to fight infection. White blood cells produce hydrogen peroxide as the first line of defense against toxins, parasites, bacteria, viruses, and yeast. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful tool in disinfecting surfaces as well. In one study, researchers investigate hospital sites, 39 percent of which were found to be contaminated. After initial terminal cleaning, contaminated sites fell to 28.3 percent. However, after cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, only 2.2 percent of areas were contaminated.

Because of its ability to get rid of bacteria, hydrogen peroxide combats vaginal bacterial infections, sinus problems, ear infections, acne, and household germs, as well as gets rid of stains and cleans your teeth

Hydrogen peroxide also makes for a safe and simple vegetable wash–look no further than hydrogen peroxide. Simply add 1/3 cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution to a sink full of cold water. Soak light-skinned vegetables (i.e. lettuce) for 20 minutes and thicker-skinned ones (i.e. cucumbers) for 30 minutes. Drain, dry, and refrigerate.

However you use it, hydrogen peroxide will make your life a lot easier and save you from using toxic cleaners or ingesting or applying chemical-laden products. I like to pour a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution in a spray bottle and just use it here and there throughout the day, either on a minor cut or to clean a bathroom or kitchen surface. 

Photo Credit: Shroker