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How to Get Rid of Dust In Your Home (Since You're Probably Doing It Wrong)

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How to Get Rid of Dust In Your Home (Since You're Probably Doing It Wrong)

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which is the most thankless chore of all? Dusting, obvi. You buy all these dusters and cloths and infomercial doo-dads, thinking you now know how to get rid of dust, and all you end up doing is spreading it around. (You know those clouds of dirt floating in the air? That's dust laughing at you.)

While getting rid of dust entirely is as likely as you getting that pony you were promised, there are ways to make your cleaning efforts last a little longer. Here are 9 tips on how to get rid of dust:

1. Don't spray dust directly

When dust is dry, one wrong move and bam—it's airborne and is harder to get rid of. Whether you try to wipe it with a dry cloth or spray it with your go-to cleaner, you're just asking for trouble. Instead, spritz your cloth directly and wipe for best results.

2. Clean from top to bottom

Clean the highest surfaces first—ceiling fans, light fixtures—and work your way down for the most thorough clean.

3. Don't forget your vents

Those sneaky little heating/air conditioning vents of yours are dust magnets. If you miss cleaning them, you'll end up filling your room with dust all over again. Make it a point to vacuum them with your soft brush attachment anytime you're vacuuming your floors.

4. Invest in quality doormats

These will help put the kibosh on an overabundance of dust and dirt being tracked into your home from the great outdoors.

5. Adjust the humidity

Make sure the humidity in your home is between 40 to 50 percent to reduce static, which attracts dust and makes it harder to remove.

6. Don't forget to clean your vacuum's filters

Since they're meant to hold fine dust and particles hostage on your behalf, it goes without saying when your filters are clogged dust ends up pushed back into the air (goody).

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7. Don't rush vacuuming

Vacuuming slowly gives your machine time to catch as much dust and dirt as possible. Also, make sure you vacuum in all directions and not just one so every last speck is caught.

8. Use blinds instead of curtains

They're so much easier to clean than drapes, saving you time and frustration. If you love yourself a good drape, dust your curtain rods first, then use your vacuum's brush attachment to clean your valances and curtains.

9. Become a minimalist

Declutter your home of knickknacks—the less you have, the less places for dust to hide.

What are your favorite tips on how to get rid of dust?

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