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Make (Almost) Anything Into an Accent Lamp

image: erstwhile ungulate


Could a certain room in your home use a little somethin' somethin'? Maybe it’s looking, well, lifeless, and you just don’t know how to pump up the energy? Or perhaps you’re just itching to change your same ol’ décor? If either of these decorating problems plagues your home, adding a stylish lamp can transform a room instantly. Seriously, an awesome lamp will bring back the oomph to any room. Even the basement. Heck, even the garage. (Although, you probably shouldn’t waste these sweet ideas on the garage.) 

But just any old lamp won’t do this room makeover trick. Sure, you could buy a cookie cutter lamp from any number of conventional stores, but where’s the decorating adventure in that?

All you need to create a completely personalized, one-of-a-kind lamp is a little imagination plus a lamp kit, a drill and the ability to follow the lamp kit’s instructions. Yes, instructions, gentlemen. (Okay, some of you smartie pants can probably figure out how to do it all on your own.) 

The hardest part about this process will be to locate an object to transform into a lamp. The only requirements for this do-it-yourself lamp are that it needs to be made out of something that you can drill a hole in and be able to pull a wire through. (And, you know, something that won't look too weird as a lamp.) Here are a few ideas to give you a little accent lighting inspiration.

Wine bottle... or any bottle

image: swyngarden


Do you have a few wine or beer bottles sitting in your recycling bin? Or maybe some pickle or olive jars? Pull those bad boys outta there and turn them into bold lamps. All you have to do is carefully drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle and follow your lamp kit’s wiring instructions. Leave the wire as-is inside the bottle for a modern, architectural look, or try filling in the see-through jar with interesting items, such as shells, buttons, rocks or other knickknacks.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Teapots or teacups

Create a lamp that's almost as nice to cozy up to as a mug of steaming tea using teapots or teacups. Fashion your lamp with a large teapot or several teacups stacked on top of one another. Or, if you’re daring, create an Alice in Wonderland-style lamp by stacking several china teapots, cups and plates in a fancy design.

Vintage tins

image: H is for Home


Tall vintage tins or canisters can make quirky accent lamps. Give your home some retro flair by converting a flea-market-find vintage tin into your newest nightstand accessory. Choose tins with lids to make the lamp easier to assemble. You will have to drill one hole in the lid and one in the bottom of the tin.


image: bunchofpants


If you manage to score an antique bird cage at a flea market or thrift store, it can make a seriously intricate-looking lamp. Suspending it from the ceiling will make the lamp a can't-miss-it-conversation-starter.

Go crazy with your eco-imagination. Other ideas include fashioning lamps out of thermoses, small tree stumps, books, mason jars or any other oddball items that happen to speak to you. Don't forget to top off your sassy, homemade lamp with a complimentary lamp shade. 

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