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How You Can Help Humans & Animals in Japan


The 8.9 earthquake and ensuing 30-foot tsunami in Japan have combined to form one of the biggest disasters ever recorded. In the wake of it, dozens of cities and villages spanning 1,300 miles of coastline were rocked by violent tremors that reached as far as Tokyo. Now, conditions are getting worse day by day, so get involved by donating or volunteering at these disaster relief charities for humans and pets.

At last count, the death toll rose above 7,000. With blackouts, closed roads and the sheer amount of disaster, the world needs to step up and help in any way we can. President Obama said "The United States stands ready to help the Japanese people in this time of great trial.” Do your part by donating to one of these charities that are providing help to the Japanese people.

  • Go to or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone.

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Humans weren’t the only ones affected. Pets and livestock are facing dangers from water-born illnesses and starvation. Some pets were lucky enough to escape to shelters with their owners but for the others that weren’t so lucky, they need help and support now. Visit the following charities to donate money or volunteer.

  • World Vets arrived last week armed with veterinary supplies. They are doing on-the-ground assessments of animals for initial help.
  • Ark Bark helped out in the earthquake of ’95 and now expects an influx of homeless pets that they’ll transport to emergency shelters.

What are you doing to help?

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