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Last-Minute, Simple DIY Christmas Gifts

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The holidays can be stressful, and with only a few days until Christmas, you may be wondering what gifts you can scrounge together for acquaintances, neighbors and children's teachers. With all the major shopping done, you may have let these last-minute gifts slip until well, the last minute. But with these simple DIY holiday gift ideas, you can make your own thoughtful, creative gifts for those in your life you almost forgot.

DIY skin care gifts

Homemade sugar scrubs, bath salts and milks, scented lotions and even lip balms can be the perfect homemade gifts for the ladies in your life. One of the biggest upsides to a homemade skin care gift: you can vary the scents to match your friends' preferences and personalities. You can also go Christmas-themed and scent with peppermint or apple spice, but choosing an essential oil that suits your friend can make your gift more personal. 

There are many recipes for homemade sugar scrubs, but the simplest rely on a ratio recipe of about four parts organic sugar to one part oil, plus a few drops of essential oil. Create a gift basket with a variety of skin care products all of the same scent for a larger gift.

Candles make the holidays brighter

Homemade candles are relatively simple, and fast, to put together. Fancy the candles up a bit by pouring the candle wax into thrift store tea cups or festive glasses and jars. 

If your friends aren't into candles, consider a homemade scent sachet that can bring holiday scents to their stove top. 

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Foodie fantasies

While already-baked cookies are a popular Christmas gift, it's not always the most practical. If the recipient is already loaded down with holiday goodies, your present may go to waste. So, instead, consider homemade DIY cookie or baking mixes in a decorative jar, with instructions to use the cookie mix in various cookie recipes.

For your foodie friends, dress up a simple gift like an apron by rolling it up and placing it in a jar with an heirloom recipe attached. Or collect baking odds and ends like leftover fancy cupcake liners from various packages. Combine the eclectic set with simple baking tools or candy toppings to create a baking git basket.

Is your friend not into sweets? Try a festive quinoa or cous cous blend in a decorative jar. Whether an easy start to a weeknight dinner or a special post-holiday dinner treat, your thoughtful gift will be remembered long after the holiday season ends.

If you have a little more time to pre-plan, or have a stock on-hand that you can repackage, try infused oils or extracts (like vanilla or almond extract) in decorative bottles.

Get crafty

Homemade crafts, particularly if you have little ones who'll love to contribute, make the perfect holiday gift for teachers, grandparents and friends alike. Have your kids finger paint a photo matting to place in a frame with their photo or create photo or napkin-emblazoned counter tile coasters

For more DIY holiday gift ideas, see the related Pinterest board.

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