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Letter to Organic Authority Readers

Dear Organic Authority Readers,

We have embarked on quite the wellness journey!

Together, we’ve become smart, educated, conscious consumers that demand clean, transparent products. We’ve become power label readers -- whether it’s the food we pick off the store shelves, or the personal care or natural beauty products we slather on our skin daily. Or the many other products we thoughtfully choose to bring into our homes and lives like sustainably made homewares, linens, and clothing.

And if there isn’t an ingredient label on a product, we know the right questions to ask to discover if a product was thoughtfully made, sourced or grown, and the potential social and economic impact on our local and world economies. Together, we have made our voice heard. We’ve voted with the most powerful tool we have - the mighty dollar. We’ve come a long way.

Here at Organic Authority we recently rolled out a new website design that I hope you’ve given a test drive. Our intention is to give you, our readers, a better user experience so you can navigate the site easier with a cleaner look and feel and a less intrusive ad experience. Our new site redesign also delivers a faster page load experience on desktop and mobile.

Join Community Conversations

We’ve enabled commenting onsite! We want to get to know you. We want to engage with you. We want to share and engage in fun, respectful conversations while building community. We want to hear about your real life wellness routines -- what have you mastered? What are you struggling with? Or, what do you feel is broken so we can help one another overcome those challenges?

We also want to hear about your successes so we can all learn from one another as a community. This collaborative community will help everyone uncover the perfect real world wellness routine that fits your unique lifestyle and schedule.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Instagram is great for wellness inspiration but lets face it, going for perfection in real life is exhausting!

Your feedback, your community conversations will inspire us and one another. These conversations will help us create more engaging useful content and products that serve you better and ultimately help us build a better brand with you. Without you, our fabulous thoughtful readers, there is no Organic Authority!

We also want this to be a positive uplifting community. As the saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all! Thus, any comments that are demeaning, derogatory, racist, shaming, slander, self-promotion in nature, or spammy links of any kind will be removed.

Product Reviews and Recommendations

We get a lot of questions about products we write about and whether or not we make money off those. Yes, we do make money off of some product recommendations, but not all of them. This allows us to not be 100% reliant on advertising revenue. Adding affiliate revenue to our overall business model is another way to help us keep the lights on and pay the bills and deliver fewer ads and a better user experience for you. So, please know, when you purchase a recommended product you are helping us deliver a better experience to everyone! We source and vet any recommended product very carefully and those that we do recommend have to meet our standards of authenticity, clean ingredients, and a transparent supply chain. We are not perfect, and we admit that we may misstep from time to time, if we do please let us know so we can rectify it if necessary.

Your #OAWellnessRoutine

With the launch of the new website, we’ve also launched #OAWellnessRoutine that allows us to get to know your personal wellness routines! This Instagram sourced story series allows you to share and engage with and learn from other OA readers wellness routines. All you have to do is snap a high-quality photo of your wellness routine and share with the hashtag #OAWellnessRoutine. This could be a shot of your morning green juice or smoothie, your morning supplement parade, your meditation altar, your natural beauty or self-care routine, your real food recipe favorites. We want to see it all. So go ahead, take a photo and share it with us!

Organic Authority Premium

Part of our new platform includes the Organic Authority Premium option. What is it? It is an ad-free experience that delivers 100% of our content to you without any on-site advertising in exchange for a small monthly fee of $3.99. The first 30 days are free, and you can cancel online at any time. If this interests you, sign up here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission by, “Changing the world one reader at a time, by inspiring change through conscious living, and empowering individuals to live that change.”

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