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Dinner Delivered: 5 Companies Shipping Organic Groceries to Your Door

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Your CSA closed up shop months ago, and spring is looking further away than ever (stupid groundhog!), but you can still get fresh, organic produce delivered straight to your door. Shop online with one of these companies and let the organic goodies come to you.

Door to Door Organics

Door to Door Organics, servicing Colorado, Kansas City, Chicago, Michigan and parts of the north east, delivers a box of fruits, veggies or both straight to your door with the option of customizing both the amount you receive and what you receive—you can swap out up to five items each week. They partner with farmers, ensuring that all the produce they sell is organic. Plus, in some areas, you can opt for your box to feature only local produce during the growing season. They also sell all kinds of natural and organic groceries, and if you're at a loss for what to cook, you can now shop by recipe in their new kitchen section. Just add a recipe to your meal plan, and then add the ingredients to your weekly order. Super awesome for those pressed for time.

Boxed Greens

Committed to working with small, local farmers, Boxed Greens mostly serves the metro areas in Arizona with weekly deliveries of boxes of fresh, local, organic produce. But they also offer overnight shipping to anywhere in the country, and they have expanded their sales to include organic meats and dairy, breads, and even household and paper goods. 

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From the Organic Authority Files


SPUD stands for Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery and provides exactly that service to six major metropolitan areas along the West Coast, from Calgary to Orange County. The service provides local, organic produce and artisan groceries delivered to your door. One unique feature is that you can use their website to track how far your food has traveled—great for folks trying out the 100-mile diet. 

Urban Organic

It sounds like an oxymoron, but Urban Organic provides organic produce and grocery delivery to the New York tri-state area, which is a real boon for New Yorkers who don't want to lug pounds and pounds of organic produce home on the subway! They try to source their products from local producers first, and everything they sell is USDA certified.

The Green PolkaDot Box

For everyone else, The Green PolkaDot Box hopes to eliminate organic food deserts by becoming the largest, most influential member-based buying collective for organic foods. Like a local co-op, this site hopes to be your one-stop organic foods grocery store—just online instead of at a physical location. While the company is still growing, their ultimate goal is to provide the best price anywhere for organic produce and other goods. But, like shopping at Costco, you have to pay an annual membership fee to take advantage of those lower prices.

image: Door to Door Organics

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