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Power to The People with PeopleTowels


Organic Authority is excited to offer our readers a very special promotion in honor of PeopleTowels 2 year anniversary! Don't know what a PeopleTowel is? Read on to find out more about this innovative company with a very simple idea. (Hint: They are more than just Towels for People!)

We live in a world of conveniences: Running water, taxi cabs, microwave popcorn… it's not all that bad (even if you're not part of the 1 percent!). But what we take for granted has its consequences. Paper is one such luxury. While we now rely on computers and smart phones to do a lot of what used to require reams and reams of paper, we're still using an exorbitant amount of it every day: On average some 3,000 tons of paper towels are used in the U.S. each day! And if you work outside of the home, you're using roughly 2,400-3,000 paper hand towels in public restrooms every year. According to PeopleTowels, that equals 60 million gallons of water and 72,000 trees for something that's used once.

Those electric hand dryers aren't necessarily much better, either. They often don't work, and when they do, they're sucking up electricity and spewing, well, gnarly bathroom air all around. (And like comedian Jerry Seinfeld once joked about the contraption, "I want to spend as much time in a place with a revolting stench as possible.")

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From the Organic Authority Files

Sometimes things are so obvious we can't believe we didn't think of 'em first, and PeopleTowels is one such aha! moment. Modeled after the handkerchiefs widely used in Japan, the concept is simple: Bring Your Own Towel. The quick dry pocket-sized towels are designed to travel with you wherever you go so that you can reduce your impact on the environment by eliminating the need for paper. In fact, according to PeopleTowels, if just 1 in 4 Americans switched to using their own towel every year, that would reduce enough landfill waste to fill Fenway Park four times, conserve enough water to fill 22,000 Olympic swimming pools, cut CO2 emissions equivalent to removing 815,000 cars from the road and it would save enough trees to cover the entire state of Alaska!

Use discount code OA11 when purchasing your 100 percent certified organic and Fair Trade cotton towels. The designs are fabulous and PeopleTowels is a member of 1% For the Planet. You'll receive 20 percent off your total order (these make fabulous holiday gifts!)! But most importantly, you'll be taking convenience to a new level of responsibility, with your own hands. Literally.

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Image: PeopleTowels

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