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7 Household Items to Convert into Eco-Chic Vases


image: summerbl4ck

After awhile, the humdrum of using the same ordinary glass vases to showcase your flowers can start to wear on you. Those gorgeous flowers you nurtured from seed to bloom (or purchased at your local farmers market from someone with a greener thumb) deserve a special vase. And why buy new when you can repurpose items you already own? Check out these seven common household containers that make beautiful and whimsical repurposed vases.

1. Wine bottles


image: anshu_si

Arrange a few daisies in the narrow bottleneck of a leftover wine bottle for a simple (and inexpensive) vase.

Leave the wine label on to keep the vintage look. Or if you want to remove the label and residue completely, run the bottle through a cycle in the dishwasher. For a homemade remedy, smother the label in vegetable oil, let it sit for a few hours and then scrub it away.

2. Mason jars


image: lmoore1118

Stout glass mason jars brimming with flowers can add a country-chic look to your home. Don’t just place these delightful jars on a table; line several jars on unexpected surfaces in your home—windowsills, bookcases, shelves—for a cheerful surprise.

3. Coffee tins and soup cans


image: aptmetaphor

Use steel coffee tins or soup cans to hold flowers for a slightly rustic look. The contrast of the delicate flowers with the industrial ridges of the cans makes for a captivating vase. Try making an arrangement with naturally grown, eco-friendly wildflowers.

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4. Vintage tins


image: geishaboy500

Use old vintage tins as vases for a bold home accent that has a retro-meets-girly feel. Vintage tins work especially well to use as unusual planters in the garden. Hammer a couple of holes into the bottom of the tins for drainage and use them to hold potted plants. Check out these plants that grow well in containers.

5. Baby food jars

Tiny glass baby food jars look super sweet holding the bud of a single flower. Trim off the stem and place one dainty bud into a jar. Arrange multiple jars in the middle of your table for an elegant centerpiece.

6. Teapots


image: wiserbailey

Fill a teapot with delicate peonies, tulips or lilacs for a fancy looking, but simple-to-make centerpiece. Place it on the breakfast table to spruce up a Sunday brunch.

7. Pitchers


image: summerbl4ck

For a country look use a pitcher to hold garden fresh flowers. The simple charm of a pitcher filled with newly picked blooms will brighten any room.

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