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Get Crafty! From Old Calendars to New Cards


A new year means out with the old and in with the new… calendar. For those of you who still prefer hard copy calendars to digital versions, what do you do with your favorite calendars when a new year rolls around? Do they get tossed in the recycling bin? Or maybe, like me, you stash them in a drawer somewhere—not willing to throw them away, but also not exactly sure what to do with them?

This year, try a new tactic you calendar hoarders. You can easily convert those out-of-date calendars into creative envelopes and cards to use for birthday cards, invitations and thank you notes throughout the year.

Hard copy calendars often boast big, gorgeous photos that, when crafted into envelopes and cards, make for some seriously stunning messages. Even the monthly grid pages with your penciled-in appointments and birthdays look cute when transformed into pretty postage. Your handwritten schedule only adds to the charm.

Don’t worry if you’re not usually the crafty type. If you can wield a pair of scissors, you can handle this project. Discover how to revamp your old calendars in four easy steps.


  • Out of date calendars
  • Envelope
  • Photo stickers
  • Scissors
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From the Organic Authority Files


1. For this project you’ll need a pre-constructed envelope, such as one that came with a card you recently received. Gently take the envelope apart, being careful not to rip it.

2. Unfold the envelope so it lays flat and place it on top of one of your calendar pages. Artfully position your envelope so that the center includes the best part of the calendar photo. Or, just leave it up to chance for an abstract look. Carefully trace all the way around the envelope’s edges using a pencil.

3. Cut out your traced envelope and fold it into place. (If you get confused, use your pre-constructed envelope as a guide.) Secure the bottom flap to the two side flaps using photo stickers. Photo stickers work better than tape because they can sit flat and have double-sided stickiness.

4. Repeat with as many calendar pages as you desire.

Use the extra trimmings from your cut out calendar pages to construct cards or postcards. Mail your repurposed calendar cards complete with matching envelopes to friends and loved ones to thank them for the holiday gifts you received this season. You'll get eco and DIY points in this thoughtful, creative venture for an awesome start to the new year.

image: Kirsten Hudson

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