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5 Spring Snack Ideas for The Whole Family


Spring makes us want to renew everything--from decluttering the garage to replanting the flower beds, clearing out the closets and cleaning out the refrigerator. Since we can't change all the routines in our life, why not give those routines a bit of a makeover to keep up with the spring spirit? Here are five ideas for kid-friendly, spring-friendly snacks that can rejuvenate the whole family during that afternoon lull.

Fresh Baby Veggies

Fresh vegetables are always a great snack, especially accompanied by a dip, since kids seem to love anything that comes with a dipping sauce. For a little spring change, try tender young "baby" vegetables instead of the stand-by celery sticks. Young asparagus shoots, tiny mushrooms, grape tomatoes and baby green beans are kid-sized and sweet in flavor.

Frozen Grapes

You know you can make your own popsicles, but here's an option that's even simpler and fun for kids to eat. Buy a big batch of grapes, wash well and pluck from the stems. Freeze in a sealed bag, then dole them out on those warm afternoons. They're fun for kids to eat, sweet without the sugary mess, and perfectly refreshing for a break after lots of play time out in the sun.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Berries and Yogurt

Whether you make your own yogurt or purchase one of the great organic options out there, make it a little more fun and a lot healthier by stirring in fresh or frozen berries. You can pick up a berry medley and stir them in frozen, or thaw them out and add them to yogurt for a quick snack. Or add fresh berries as they appear in your local grocery store. Yogurt and berries make a great snack or breakfast, for kids and Moms alike.

Popcorn Snack Mix

For an easy, portable snack option, create your own fun and filling snack mix. Pop up a bag or two of popcorn in your favorite variety, then toss it with dried berries, sunflower seeds and the nuts of your choice, if desired. You can also add in marshmallows or chocolate chips if you don't mind the additional sugar. Keep it in an airtight container, or divide up in individual servings for an easy snack on the road. Be wary of serving this to younger children who could choke on popcorn seeds.

Deviled Eggs

When your kids need a break from all that fresh produce (do they ever?), try these out. Something about eggs and spring time; for Easter and beyond. Make up a batch of deviled eggs, combining the yolks with a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper, and plain yogurt, sour cream or mayo if desired. You can just as easily make them dairy-free with a touch of soy milk or tofu.

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