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The Art Of Container Gardening Part 2: 4 Designs for Happy Artisan Container Gardens

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As the world turns in the West, we are becoming more and more aware of the negative impact our consumer problem-solving mentality has on the environment and humanity's future. It is becoming increasingly important that we be on the lookout for ways to creatively upcycle and begin to practice fostering a pragmatic do-it-yourself philosophy. And one fun-tastic way to do both is with your approach to gardening. More specifically, with container gardening, by making (and repurposing) your own pots and planters.

After you’ve addressed your specific plants water and space needs, it is now time to fix yourself some DIY containers. To make it easier for you to hit the soil growing, here are a fews suggestions, as well as a few pros and cons. Hopefully, by understanding the needs and limitations of the following containers ideas, you are better equipped to create your own pots with what you have lying around the yard (or closet).

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1. The Colander Hanging Basket

Pros: A great way to work with limited space. They look cool and are good to use if you don’t have access to a drill, as the colander already has the drainage holes. Plus, it’s a nice way to illustrate the cycle of an edibles plant life - from seed to salad and back again.

Cons: The small soil volume means the basket will dry out quickly. Therefore, maintaining the daily watering needs can become cumbersome. If wind is an issue in your region, remember that most hanging pots will dry out quickly.

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2. Metal Tool Box

Pros: It's portable, and its Americana look and feel is a nice reminder of days gone by - where we used to fix things and build items ourselves. It also works great for succulents.

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Cons: Since you'll have to drill drainage holes, it’s will likely rust at those points and spread. Plus, you’ll have to find a new home for your tools, (maybe an old flower pot?).

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3. Vintage Teacups and Saucers

Pros: Everyone will love it (and copy you). Great for bringing life to your office desk or TV room. Come on, we’ve all seen these teacup plants on Pinterest, but how many of you have them around your home? I’m just saying...

Cons: Your son or daughter's next imaginary tea party might get a little messy. Drainage holes may be hard to drill, and without them, overwatering will become an issue. Adding a little water twice a day may be your best bet.

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4. Light Bulb

Pros: Although this isn't useful container to grow food in, it is a brilliant idea. After all, beauty is an equally important nourishment of the human spirit. Perfect for desks and coffee tables. And it requires very little water and attention.

Cons: You won’t be able to grow any food. And you’re limited by the space and access to what you can grow inside.

Here are a few more inspiring designs for creating plant containers for all rooms of your home. For more ideas on how to go smaller this spring, check out Emma Hardy’s Teeny Tiny Gardening and be sure to share your own unique designs online. Inspiration is addicting, renewable, and free of charge.

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