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Organic Gift Baskets for Pampered Pets


Still wondering what to get your furry friend or pet lover for the holidays? Look no further than the world’s first line of Organic Pet Gift Baskets from Organic Pet Boutique. The Organic Pet Gift Basket is stocked with their best selling, high-quality eco brands like Planet Dog, Simply Fido, Happytails, West Paw, and more.

Each product undergoes a screening process so customers known they are buying presents for their pups that are good for their health. With 12 baskets to choose from (just like the 12 days of Christmas) ranging from $50 to $100, you'll find ones stuffed with specific items like supplements, treats or toys and ones with a mix of those products like the Ultimate Organic Starter Basket (one for boys and another for girls).

These baskets gained popularity when Organic Pet Boutique created a special one for Amanda Hearst’s Friends of Finn charity event. The basket got so many compliments that Organic Pet Boutique decided to create more. The baskets have special meaning to the founders Len and Shana Bentivegna. Back in 2007 they noticed that their friends' dogs were getting very ill. A few weeks later it was exposed that pet food additives coming from China were contaminated and cherished pets were dying. Worried for their two dogs Cesar and Milo they began a mission to find safe pet products. During their research to start the company, the two uncovered that organic pet products were not subject to the toxins prevalent in affected products imported from China due to the strict rules and regulations governing the organic pet product industry. They had a hard time finding a comprehensive site selling organic products... so they created their own!

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