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Sleep Better: 4 Tips for a Clutter-Free Nightstand


Waking up sluggish and aching for the quick perk up of a cup of coffee instead of feeling refreshed could have more to do with the aesthetic in your bedroom than you might realize.

Every element in your bedroom should be devoted to replenishing your energy. But a room full of clutter will just renew your anxiety, not your pep. A messy bedroom can muddle your mind and lead to an unrestful sleep. And it all starts with that nightstand beside your bed.

The nightstand can all too easily turn into the bedroom equivalent of the kitchen junk drawer. Water glasses, books, mail, keys and all manner of odds and ends tend to accumulate and make for one messy bedside table.

Simply removing the clutter from that catchall beside your bed can lead to less stress and better sleep. Sweet dreams to that. Here’s how.

Remove that Pile of Books

A cluttered nightstand can mean a cluttered mind—and a jumbled mess of thoughts is not what you want running through your head before you go to sleep. Start organizing your nightstand by paring down that pile of books precariously stacked beside your pillow.

First, remove any books that you’ve already finished reading. And if you’re the type who reads several books at once, choose one (Yes, one) to keep by your bed—and stick with it! A stack of to-be-read books is the equivalent of posting a to-do list beside your bed each night. Would you want to look at that before you doze off? Probably not. So reduce that pile, you bookworm.

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Banish All Electronics

You may think that you leave the electronics behind each night when you wander off to dreamland, but if you have that iPhone plugged in right smack dab next to your pillowed head, your unconscious mind could still be thinking about your schedule, fretting about unanswered messages and stressing out about the next day's tasks. Plus, it’s all too tempting to check your email during those occasional bouts of insomnia, which will only make it more difficult to fall back asleep.

Don’t let electronics on your nightstand disturb your slumber. Power them down and banish them to other rooms before you head to bed.

Organize Your Drawers

If your nightstand features drawers, don’t let their contents turn into an untidy, hodgepodge of objects. You may think, “out of sight, out of mind,” but don’t kid yourself. You know it's messy in there! So, keep only the items you need beside your bed in the drawers and arrange them neatly.

Go Minimal

Really, if you want to get down to the basics, a lamp and perhaps a glass of water is all you need on the surface of your nightstand each night. You may find that going utilitarian might just be what your tired brain needs to catch some Zzz’s.

Now go ahead. Conk out.

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