Top 10 Foodie Books to Put in the Queue

Now that we’ve got you hooked on our picks for the best foodie documentaries, let us whet your appétit with these top 10 foodie books. We suggest getting a few friends in on the action for a mini sustainable book club – trust us, you’ll want to discuss with someone. PS: Go eco when you can and buy in e-version, or used. 

The Coming Famine: Julian Cribb paints a vivid picture of how global warming and food security are intertwined. The book lays out the impending crisis of food shortage and the increased demand created by the growing population.

Diet for a Small Planet: Francis Lappe’s 1971 groundbreaking book exposes the enormous waste built into US grain-fed meat production and how choosing a plant-centered diet is the best for our bodies and the planet.

Eating Animals: Jonathan Foer explores factory farming and commercial fisheries as well as his childhood eating habits in this eye-opening book.

Empires of Food: This book gives a panoramic overview of the agricultural system and food empires in regards to how embracing features that allow them to feed large amounts of people will be our society’s downfall.

Four Fish: Examining four popular fish – tuna, salmon, sea bass and cod – this book takes a good hard look at our relationship with the ocean and how it’s transformed over the years. It’s farmed fish versus wild fish in this bestselling book.

Free for All: Focusing on school lunches, this book takes a journey into the nation’s school kitchens, gives a comprehensive assessment of it, and explores the politics behind it.

In Defense of Food: Pollan creates another amazing book while examining the industrialized Western diet and its detrimental effects on our bodies and culture.

The Jungle: Before a time when people even knew what sustainable meant, Uptown Sinclair’s 1906 The Jungle rocked people to their meat-loving cores with his gruesome novel about the meatpacking industry. Warning: Vegetarianism may ensue. Download online for free at Project Gutenberg.

Silent Spring: First released in 1962, this book gives readers a look at the ecological degradation caused by poisons from insecticides, weed killers and more that invade our food source.

Stuffed and Starved: Journalist Patel investigates the imbalance of food in our world, where there is epidemic obesity in some parts while millions of others are starving.

There are so many more, too! What are your favorites and what’s on your summer reading list?

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