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Happy Valentine's Day: The Roundup


Well, Happy Valentine's Day beloved readers. We hope you're not sick of hearing about all this ooey gooey lovey dovey stuff just yet... although you're about to get a serious eyefull. We've rounded up our favorite OA articles that highlight the essence that is this holiday (sex and love, of course). From the health benefits of love to mouthfuls of aphrodisiacs and awesome recipes, this list is highly informative and a great way to celebrate the day. We love you!

Open Your Heart! 8 Incredible Health Benefits of Love


Sunset. A park bench. Two lovers ga-ga gazing into each other's eyes. It's enough to make anyone feel a little nauseous to look at for too long—unless of course you happen to be one of those people in love. Those of us who find ourselves without a lover on Valentine's (or any) Day can often meet it with a Scroogy "Bah!" But don't be so quick to scoff at the swooning valentines. Giving and receiving love—whether with a romantic partner, a family member, friends or a furried companion—is actually quite beneficial to our health. Check out these eight incredible benefits of love.

Say No to Valentine's Day Clichés: Actions Speak Louder than Gifts


4 Dreamy Valentine's Day Desserts

You don't need to fill your Valentine's Day with diamonds (every woman will get the same style and design this year -- how unique is that?), chocolate or with an overpriced and remarkably underwhelming, fatty Valentine's Day dinner. Your Valentine will continue to hold a candle for you no matter how you express your love, even if it's with a free Valentine's gift. With a little planning and a lot of heart, you can express your love for your sweetheart through actions.


For whatever reason, are you looking for some sweet satisfaction? Look no further. When the time for dessert rolls around on Valentine’s Day (or any day!), make it one (just one) of the highlights of your evening. You provide the sweetie (or not), OA will provide the sweets!

10 Romantic Foods for a Surefire Nightcap


Many people say that the greatest two pleasures in life are eating and sex. Food has been tangled up with romance ever since the first caveman offered a hunk of charred wooly mammoth to his cavewoman in hopes of winning her heart (or at least her body).

Even today the dating standard includes dinner, drinks or at least coffee, proving that the stomach-to-heart connection is as strong as ever. Celebrate your love with the following romantic foods and you will feed your heart as well.

Chocolate Rumplemintz Fondue


If a sexier recipe exists, we are yet to find it. I mean, come on: Chocolate Fondue. Dip fresh fruit and other dippables into the hot, melted creamy chocolate mixture, and tell us that isn't pure ecstasy. 

4 Foods for A Dinner That Amps Your Sex Drive


Food can be physically suggestive, have arousing aromas, be sensuously supple and entice all sorts of sexual urges to the surface. Serve up these succulent aphrodisiacs with a dinner menu that will amp up your (and your partner’s) sex drive. By the end of the meal, you’ll be begging for seconds, and I don’t mean of the food…

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From the Organic Authority Files

Health Benefits of Maca, the Peruvian Aphrodisiac


When you walk into a cafe on a hot day to buy a refreshing smoothie the last thing you want to see is a menu with foreign ingredients as optional add-ins. Spirulina, wheatgrass, lucuma, guarana, mesquite, maca root...where's the translator when you need one? Don't let these words send you running to the nearest vending machine for familiarity's sake - they're really not that scary once you get to know them.

How to Get in the Mood (For Women)


You're probably expecting to read tips on creating a relaxing bedroom environment, de-stressing in the evening with lavender oils or perhaps eating a pre-nooky meal of oysters and other aphrodisiacs. You might also be one of the millions of women out there sitting around waiting to get “in the mood” before engaging her partner with sexual advances or letting herself be lured.

Natural Viagra Beer 


Since the discovery of fermented beverages, humankind has been using them as sexual aids: To decrease social inhibitions, reduce the amount of clothing worn and in general, liven up any given party. Mead and wine were the choices of our ancestors, while today the youth prefer harder beverages such as Jagermeister or Four Loco to do the trick. 

11 Foods That Get Your Sex Drive Going Naturally 


Can eating specific foods get that mojo going? I'm a skeptic about this theory, but curiosity got the best of me so I decided to investigate. Because hey, I'll admit, there are times we could all use some inspiration to get in the mood and get it on. And yes sometimes eating specific foods do stimulate bodily desires, so bring it on baby! 

A Romantic Rose Petal Infused Cocktail 


Cleopatra believed that rose petals were an aphrodisiac. Whether or not that's true, the delectable perfume of a rose is synonymous with romance. Roses also happen to be the world's most popular flower, with 150 million plants sold each year. At this very moment, at least one yard in your immediate neighborhood is likely to have a blooming rosebush -- but rose season is on its way out, and now's the time to capture it in a bottle. Bring a few petals home to make a rosewater infusion; then treat yourself and your sweetie to a romantic sparkling cocktail on your next date night.

Afternoon Delight: Get Sexy with a Lunch Full of Aphrodisiacs 


It's not too difficult to rev up the sexual engine during the summer months. The air is swarming with hot, heavy air. The twittering of birds and insects buzzes like a whisper in your ear. The scents of musty earth, blooming flowers and wet rain linger low in the atmosphere. Summertime is indeed a hot time. If you're feeling it this season, you'll want to try this menu for an aphrodisiac-packed lunch. With these lip-smacking foods, you'll fall into that hot, heavy, summer trance with your partner in no time—enjoy an afternoon delight that might take you well into the evening.

Maca: The Ultimate Warming, Energizing, Get You-in-the-Mood Superfood 


The Peruvian Incans relied heavily on maca, a tuber related to the radish that grows at a higher altitude than any other food on the planet. Anything that can endure the cragged peaks of the Andes is sure to be full of magic, and it's no wonder maca is often referred to as "Peruvian ginseng"—not for any botanical similarities to ginseng—but for its variety of benefits that support energy levels, hormone regulation connected to fertility and aphrodisiac-like qualities.

image: StuartWebster

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