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5-Ingredient Avocado Salad Recipe

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This avocado salad recipe is a masterpiece at just five simple ingredients. The colors are bold, the aromas are grassy and sweet, and the flavors are purely invigorating. I call it a salad, but it’s also a relish, a salsa, and a meal all at once—feel free to use it however you please in your late summer menus.

5-Ingredient Avocado Salad

Makes 4 small servings

1 semi-ripe avocado, pitted, cubed

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1 ear corn, shucked

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1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved

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1 small or ½ large lime, juiced

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From the Organic Authority Files

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1 handful cilantro, chopped (about 1/3 cup)

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Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl; toss gently to coat.

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Serve immediately or store in refrigerator up to 8 hours before serving.

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  • Enjoy exactly as is for a refreshing anytime summer meal.
  • Mix in black beans and/or cooked quinoa to make a hearty meatless entrée.
  • Spoon over grilled fish or chicken for a seasonal relish.
  • Use in place of regular salsa for just about anything—nachos, tacos, chips, and the like.

All images by Kimberley Stakal

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