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Go Green! 5 Green Strawberries Recipes

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Juicy, red strawberries are the ubiquitous fruit of early summer, but behold the newest trend in culinary circles: green strawberries. Creative chefs across the country have been embracing these berries in their unripe form and adding them to their culinary creations for a bit of lip-puckering kick. Green strawberries tend to be firm but nonetheless flavor-packed, lending themselves beautifully to savory and sweet dishes, and most notoriously to pickles. Stay on top of the food trends and surprise your guests and friends at your next dinner party or picnic with one of these tasty, green strawberry recipes!

1. Pickled Green Strawberries from the Fermenter's Club are the perfect novelty pickle to add to your list of favorites this season. Fermented at room temperature and then stored in the refridgerator, pickled green strawberries take on the texture of a crunchy cucumber, with the slight essence of berry flavor in the background. Perfect for salads or combined with pickled beets and cucumbers on a charcuterie plate. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

2. Quick Pickled Green Strawberries from Bay Area Bites is a sped up version of the above recipe, allowing you to serve the pickles the day after preparing them. Feel free to mix it up with the brine flavoring - we think lemongrass and lime kaffir leaves sound pretty amazing!

3. Green Strawberry and Mango Salsa also from Bay Area Bites is a fresh take on this fruity summer sauce. Serve on top of a light fish or as an appetizer with pita or corn chips, or even in place of a salad dressing.

4. Green Strawberry Sorbet - looking for a very unique and light dessert? Take note from Austin-based chef Philip Speer, whose recipe is simple, but very unusual. If made with less sugar, we think this sorbet could even act as a palette cleanser in between courses. 

5. Green Strawberries and Smoked Black Cod is a dish developed by chef Matt Lightner of Portland restuaraunt Castagnia. The plate features crisp green strawberries, smoked sweet cream, and delicious smoked black cod. Although he doesn't provide a step-by-step recipe, take on the challenge to test your culinary creativity and make your own version of this innovative treat.

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