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7 Plant-Based Cookbooks Perfect for Spring and Summer

Add more plant power to your life.
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The jury is out: plant-based eating is in. And whether you've made the full transition to a vegan diet or you're joining the host of folks including more plant-based recipes in their weekly rotation, spring and summer are excellent seasons to take advantage of all the fresh produce your local market has to offer.

We're getting super inspired by seven newly released plant-forward cookbooks, each of which offers a unique spin on plant-based cooking.


1. Mostly Plants, Tracy, Dana, Lori, and Corky Pollan

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Michael Pollan's rules for healthy eating are so incredibly simple, and it's with this flexitarian mindset that his sisters and mother penned this cookbook of simple, delicious recipes. The authors, including Tracy, wife to actor Michael J. Fox, focus on how delicious a flexitarian lifestyle can be with recipes like crispy kimchi and scallion pancakes, vegan taco salad bowl, or rainbow frittata. These recipes were each tested by several of the Pollan clan (and approved by the brood of Pollan cousins), ensuring they're both foolproof and delicious.


2. Eat Feel Fresh: A Contemporary Plant-Based Ayurvedic Cookbook, Sahara Rose Ketabi (July 2019)

Food as medicine is firmly ensconced as a governing principle among many health-minded folks, and it's with this – and the ancient medicine of Ayurveda – in mind that Ketabi assembled the dishes in this book. Her plant-based, gluten-free recipes encompass everything from modern spins on classic Ayurvedic fare like turmeric-ginger kitchari to contemporary classics like vegan shepherd's pie. The book also includes useful resources on Ayurveda and discovering your Dosha, for those interested in learning more about the practices and philosophies behind the delicious dishes.


3. Epic Vegan: Wild and Over-the-Top Plant-Based Recipes, Dustin Harder (July 2019)

Vegan food long suffered a reputation for being boring, but chefs and home cooks have since proven this is far from the case. Dustin Harder pushes plant-based cooking to the next level in his "Epic Vegan," a book encompassing big ideas and even bigger flavors. Expect recipes like bacon macaroni and cheese blue burger, crab rangoon pizza, and buffalo chicken lasagna – all made exclusively with vegan ingredients.

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4. Eat More Plants, Desiree Nielsen

One major reason so many people are incorporating more plant-based meals into their diets are the immense health benefits. Plant-based diets have been associated with lowered risk of both diabetes and heart disease, not to mention massive anti-inflammatory benefits. It's with this in mind that Nielsen, a registered dietitian and regular contributor to Canadian news media, developed the recipes in this book, which include anti-inflammatory socca pizza with zucchini, tahini date shakes, and creamy pasta with smoked tofu and kale. Nielsen also does a deeper dive into understanding inflammation and includes a 21-day meal plan for those looking to truly transform their diets.


5. Rachel Ama's Vegan Eats, Rachel Ama (August 2019)

Rachel Ama made a name for herself thanks to her YouTube channel where she shares quick, easy vegan recipes, many of which can be made with just one pot. This cookbook continues in that vein, with flavorful dishes that are often inspired by her Caribbean and West African roots. Recipes include chickpea and sweet potato falafel, Caribbean fritters, plantain burgers, and peanut rice and veggie stir fry.


6. Plant Power Bowls, Sapana Chandra

If you're looking for ultra-seasonal meals, look no further than "Plant Power Bowls." In this new book, Chandra has created 70 big, beautiful bowls, organizing her chapters according to the seasons. Expect recipes like shaved asparagus and barley or roasted beet and orange for spring; watermelon poke with sriracha dressing and strawberry-spinach with toasted pecans await you come summertime. Creative, nutrient-dense, and colorful, these bowls are sure to inspire.


7. Plant-Based on a Budget, Toni Okamoto

Plant-based eating already tends to be far less onerous than eating meat, but Okamoto makes it even cheaper – and easier! – with her new book of vegan recipes. With her meal plans, it's easy to spend less than $30 a week (and less than 30 minutes a night in the kitchen) making dishes like jackfruit carnita tacos, lentil and sweet potato bowls, or homey chocolate chip cookies.

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