Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Fall Soup Recipes


Is it starting to get chilly where you are? More in the mood for something warm than a cool, crisp salad when you sit down at the dinner table? Then this week’s Meatless Monday roundup will definitely make you smile. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite fall soup recipes, full of flavor, vitamins and minerals, and completely vegetarian, of course.

Now we know it’s a bit early to be bringing out the fall soup recipes. After all, we’re in for a long winter, and we’re going to be eating quite a bit of soup in the coming months! That’s why we’ve made sure to select soup recipes that are perfect for the beginning of fall, when summer produce is still fading out and may be available here and there at farmstands. Use these recipes to say goodbye to summer and give fall a true Meatless Monday welcome.

Ash-e-Anar is the perfect way to put the new arrivals of pomegranates on your table. Pomegranates tend to come into season in September, so you should be seeing them popping up in your local market. This Persian split pea soup combines savory and sweet flavors for a combination that brings out the best in protein-rich split peas and sweet pomegranate thanks to a host of spices. An intriguing dish that’s sure to start your season off right.

image: Sabra Krock

Another new arrival to farmstands is winter squash; perennial favorite butternut is the star of this butternut bisque, the next on our list of fantastic fall soup recipes. Lemon juice adds a hint of brightness, while cinnamon brings depth. The combination makes this soup perfect for this in-between season.

red pepper soup

Photo courtesy of Muir Glen Tomatoes

If you still have local tomatoes to use up, this soup is the perfect way to do it. Tomato and roasted pepper soup highlights the best that summer’s produce has to offer with a nod in fall’s direction. As the season continues, feel free to choose canned tomatoes instead, which are preserved at the peak of freshness and will keep the flavors of summer on your table all winter long.

Image: Laurel F

If you were haunted by mysterious growing zucchini all summer, let this zucchini soup put your nightmares to rest. The summer squash is paired with creamy avocado, bright basil and a touch of zing from nutritional yeast for a soup that’s served warm but is definitely still evocative of summer.

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