7 Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts for Your Plant-Based Holiday Table

The Tastiest Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts

Since veganism has gone mainstream, there are a variety of vegan Thanksgiving roasts on the market that make for tasty mains. These vegan roasts are great turkey alternatives for those looking to make their holiday season meatless. From a whole vegan turkey to a breaded roast, these mock meats will satisfy you and your guests.

Pair these savory meatless mains with a side of cranberry sauce, roasted veggies, and mashed potatoes and you’ve got yourself a completely delicious, completely vegan Thanksgiving dinner.

Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts

Image via Vegetarian Plus

Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts: Vegetarian Plus Whole Vegan Turkey

1. Vegetarian Plus Whole Turkey

If you’re looking for a vegan, yet totally authentic Thanksgiving main, go for Vegetarian Plus’s Whole Vegan Turkey. This meatless main is as traditional as it gets with its startlingly realistic appearance. It’s made from soy and packs 11 grams of protein per serving. Each vegan turkey also contains stuffing and gravy. Vegetarian Plus products can be purchased in the freezer section at select Whole Foods Markets, Ralph’s, Mother’s Markets, and other natural health stores. The $49.99 price tag is hefty but considering it weighs in at a whopping 6 pounds it could be deemed worth the splurge.

Image via Tofurky

Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts: Tofurky Roast

2. Tofurky Roast

The Tofurky roast is the classic meatless holiday feast. This vegan roast has been around since 1995! Tofurky roasts are made with a blend of wheat and tofu. Each roast is one-pound ten-ounces, enough to feed about five people. Tofurky can be found in the freezer section of most grocery stores. You can use Tofurky’s product locator to find it near you. Be sure to thaw it in the refrigerator 24 hours before cooking.

Image of vegan feast via Odile

Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts: The Herbivorous Butcher Roast

3. The Herbivorous Butcher Thanksgiving Feast

The Herbivorous Butcher in Minneapolis also offers a vegan Thanksgiving feast which features a stuffed turkey, breakfast sausage, smoked gouda cheese, cranberry white cheddar, and two flavors of butter. This vegan roast is made from wheat and is filled with stuffing. It sells out quickly though so Thanksgiving online orders have to be placed far in advance. There are also a select amount of vegan stuffed turkeys available at the shop on a first come first serve basis.

Image via Gardein

Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts: Gardein Holiday Roast

4. Gardein Holiday Roast

Gardein’s savory stuffed turkey is full of fall flavors. Each roast serves up to eight people and is filled with wild rice and cranberry stuffing and served with homestyle gravy. Gardein’s roast can be found in the freezer section of most grocery stores. Use the product locator to find Gardein near you.

Image via Field Roast

Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts: Field Roast Cranberry and Hazelnut Roast

5. Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast en Croute

This roast is a unique option that would be great for serving to foodies. The vegan roast is wrapped in a puff pastry. The roast itself has zesty, sweet flavors with ingredients such as ginger, apples, and cranberries. Field Roast products can be found by using the product locator.

6. Field Roast Celebration Roast

Field Roast’s sausage style roast is made with seasonal ingredients including butternut squash, apples, and sage. This grain-based roast is perfect for those who crave wholesome, hearty ingredients.

Image of roast with veggies via Vegan Good Things

Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts: Trader Joe's Turkey-Less Roast

7. Trader Joe’s Breaded Turkey-less Stuffed Roast

Trader Joe’s offers a hearty breaded vegan turkey that’s stuffed with grains and served with gravy. It has a breaded coating for a unique twist on vegan Thanksgiving roasts that’s extra tasty. The wild rice and cranberry stuffing adds a gourmet flavor. The 2 ½ pound vegan roast is only $9.99 and serves about six. You can find this roast in the deli section of Trader Joe’s.

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Image of vegan roast via Tofurky