Brown Rice Recipe: Teriyaki Bowl with Edamame and Pea Sprouts

Images by Kimberley Stakal

This brown rice recipe can be classified as vegan, or plant-based, or macrobiotic, or … just plain delish! It’s a simple yet incredible satisfying bowl of rice, nuts, and wholesome greens. The recipe doesn’t sound like much on paper—and in fact, it’s only 6 ingredients!—but it somehow hits the spot with both flavor and filling.

I use short grain brown rice in this dish because I love the slightly chewy texture it has when cooked up, along with its unique earthy sweetness. In almost equal proportions to the rice are the greens, coming from edamame, pea sprouts (or shoots, depending on what your local market calls them), and fresh parsley. I also make sure to buy organic edamame—a.k.a. soybeans—when making this, as to minimize GMOs cropping up in my lunchbox.

The magic to this brown rice recipe, which I call my Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl Recipe with Edamame and Pea Sprouts, is that there are just as many vegetables in the bowl as there is rice, so you get just a few tiny kernels of soft grain mixed into huge bites of vegetables, fresh herbs, and nutty almonds. It’s really more of a salad that happens to have rice in it!

Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl Recipe with Edamame and Pea Sprouts

Makes about 4 servings



Combine all ingredients in a large bowl; toss well until mixed. Add more dressing, if desired. Serve and enjoy!

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